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How to lose weight in a dream?

British father and son - pharmacist Mike and nutritionistStuart Makineseswas a wonderful discovery. The essence of the discovery is that if you combine food, exercise and a full sleep with the mind, you can lose weight in a dream! What is the secret? If you start the mechanism of burning fat at night and accelerate the metabolism, then for a month you can lose up to three kilograms.

If the liver is charged 1-2 spoonfuls of honey an hour before sleep, then the recovery process is improved and stress hormones that prevent the fats from cleavage are prevented.

Of course, everything is not so simple, with honey alone you will not get along. It is necessary to completely re-examine your daily regimen and diet.

Surely, you are now starting to wonder whatThe relationship between weight and sleep. The answer is very simple: when you do not get enough sleep, the work of hormones that are responsible for appetite, fat metabolism and craving for various kinds of products is disrupted. Have you ever noticed for yourself that eating much more tired, when you do not want to do anything? Such a study was conducted: the participants got up at 4.30 in the morning, and the next night at 8.30. It turned out that the participants who did not get enough sleep were eaten 221 calories more (on average). For 2 weeks of such a regime, these calories form a 450 grams of excess fat, but who needs it?

When a woman does not get enough sleep, in her bodyMore produced hormongrelin, which stimulates the appetite, and also produces less hormoneptin, which is responsible for the feeling of saturation. The problem is that you do not just want to eat on your day, but eat high-calorie food. The organism requires simple carbohydrates, chocolate, baking and sugar.

Every day you must sleep at least seven and a half hours, in order to lose weight. In addition, follow simple tips:

  1. It is best to get up and go to bed every dayAnd the same time. If on weekends it's hard for you to comply, then remember that if you lay down for 2 hours later, then you need to get up too, 2 hours later.
  2. Come very responsibly to cookingI will. Try to take a bath, do yoga or stretching for 50-60 minutes, read the book. A little time will pass, and already with these exercises, the body will know that you will soon go to bed. Try to turn off the mobile phone, TV and computer.
  3. If you love coffee, then try to drink itIn the first half of the day, but in no case after. And stop drinking three hours before bedtime. Of course, alcoholic drinks contribute to falling asleep, but do not enter into the stage of deep sleep, so you normally do not get enough sleep.
  4. From your own experience, determine how muchYou need business. Some women get enough sleep in 9 hours. If you sleep 7 hours apart, and in the morning the alarm clock can not wake you, then it's not your time and try to sleep more. Each time add to your time for fifteen minutes, and so do until you come to the right time. It's okay if it takes you a full week or two.

To accustom your organism to this regime to someWill not be easy, because someone at just one o'clock in the morning begins to watch your favorite TV series. It is better to write a series on video or DVD or look online in online mode, and just think about why you are doing it - for the sake of a beautiful and healthy body. It will be very hard to fall asleep "owls", but there is nothing impossible. Just to get used to the new regime it will take more time. Coffee lovers will decide that it is not necessary to give up coffee after noon, but all as one expert say that caffeine negatively affects To sleep, even if you do not notice anything. If you find it hard to give up this refreshing drink, then try to switch to decaffeinated coffee. First, drink half a circle of the usual coffee and a half circle of decaf coffee, then the third part of the cup is a regular coffee, and the rest is topped up with decaf and so on until you stop using caffeine. The biggest problem for some women is the husband who does not want to go to bed so early, but this problem can also be easily eliminated. Think of joint lessons before going to bed - do yoga, take a warm bath or shower, have sex ...

What can I do if I can not fall asleep at the right time?

This will help:

  • A glass of milk with a spoon of honey.
  • Airing the bedroom.
  • Soft music.
  • Auto-training.
  • 10-minute hot bath with herbs and essential oils or just a foot bath.
  • 20-minute walk in the open air.

Engage every day with yoga or simple exercises. Most importantly, there are exercises for relaxation and muscle tension.

Remember that you must sleep in absolute darkness so that melatonin and fats can be burnt.

Of course, it would be good except for exercise and sleepHealthy food. Try to refuse from smoked foods and canned food, half-finished products and white bread, eat lean times a week, low-fat meat, twice a week - eggs. If you are on a vegetarian diet, then eat soy products. Be sure to alternate between low-fat and fatty fish, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Menu specially for Sleeping Beauty

Breakfast (choose to your taste):

  • Cup mueslis skimmed milk, omelette from one chicken egg, 1 orange or 1 apple.
  • Skimmed yoghurt, a cup of muesli with skimmed milk, a boiled egg, a glass of apple juice.
  • Skimmed yogurt, a slice of whole wheat bread with a teaspoon of honey, a banana.

Snack (choose to your taste):

  • a glass of orange juice
  • Apple and orange fruit salad
  • an Apple

Lunch (choose to your taste):

  • Lean beef, grilled, tomato and cabbage salad
  • Boiled fish, stewed on vegetable oil mushrooms or cucumber
  • Chicken breast, green beans, a slice of pineapple

Dinner (choose for your taste):

  • Vegetable soup-puree from tomato, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Vegetable soup of leek, tomato and cabbage, a piece of cheese
  • Potatoes, cooked in a uniform, salad from the Bulgarian pepper, cabbage and carrots.

Very good effect will be if two hours after dinner do exercises with dumbbells, and an hour before sleep drink a warm mint hour with the addition of lemon and one-dvuhstoykami honey.

That's all! Now you know what you need to do to make the extra centimeters leave your body! Sleep them well!

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