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Drugs for weight loss - quickly and safely?

Slimming Tea

This drink is the most in demand, it is sold andIn pharmacies in simple stores. In the commercials claim that you need to drink it instead of regular tea and extra centimeters will go away on their own. Yes, this drug can very quickly purify the body of toxins and toxins, so the light weight, of course, will go away.

But the most important effect of this tea is a diureticAnd therefore it can not approach everyone. If such a drug is taken for a long time, then there may be problems with scabies, kidneys, severe dehydration, and along with the slag, tea will wash away all useful substances and vitamins from the body.

Basically, to achieve a laxative effect inThe composition is added senna or Sudanese rose. At first you will be able to lose a couple of kilograms, but the body will get used to the laxative and then problems will start with digestion. If you drink this once a month to cleanse the body of toxins, it will not bring any harm, but you can not drink it for a long time.

Teas that relate to diuretics,Help me to get rid of excess weight and remove swelling, because the water of the organism, which is delayed from consumption of sweet, salty and fatty foods, is excellent. But they again do not burn fats. After you finish drinking this tea, everything will again be on your place, the water will return along with the kilograms.

In addition, tea displays potassium, which is so necessary for the cardiovascular system, so the heart can begin to hurt. If the water balance, then wrinkles on the face will start to appear.

Such teas for weight loss are not checked by anyone for their safety, but are sold everywhere. Before you buy such a tool, consult a doctor so as not to harm yourself.

To replace the "miracle remedy", drink a plain green tea without sugar. It is useful, and no harm will come to you, only the use of it.

Drugs that suppress appetite

These are drugs that fight with feelingHunger. In addition, they negatively affect the nervous system. The person becomes irritable, drowsy, apathetic and quickly tired, such means for losing weight cause a strong addiction, so when a person stops using them, there is a feeling of anxiety and insomnia.

First, cheerfulness appears, working capacity improves, a pronounced hunger will not manifest, and then everything will be replaced by nervous exhaustion by inhibition.

Caffeine, which is contained in such preparations,Strengthens the secretory activity of the stomach, and in the course of long-term use, peptic ulcer disease can develop. There are means that contain guarana, and it can not be taken in people in old age, as well as those who suffer from insomnia and arterial hypertension. The contraindications for this instruction do not say a word.

Such drugs are especially dangerous for pregnant womenWomen. Experts argue that women who are wearing a baby or are breastfeeding do not even need to try to lose weight. It is better to get acquainted a little later.

Physicians found that drugs that reduceAppetite, increase pressure in the lungs and blood, in addition, after a long-term use of hypertension develops, which is accompanied by dizziness, difficulty breathing, fatigue, etc.

The most popular such drugsWomen are 35-40 years old. So they try to put themselves in order before summer. It must be remembered that drugs can lead to depressions, and worse, negatively affect the function of the brain.

To bring your food back to normal, you need to eatOften, but a small portion and always have breakfast. If you make snacks useful food every 2 hours, then you will forever forget about the feeling of hunger. So you do not harm the body, unlike drugs that reduce appetite.

Plasters for weight loss

Now such a fashionable product is in demandFor weight loss as a band-aid. This tool absorbed a bunch of active substances, which a man needs, eating wrong and living in the city. Through the skin they get into the skin, which is under the band-aid and activate their work. All this is said in the commercials, but in fact there is no evidence to support this, so you can simply throw away a lot of money. Better to speed up the metabolism, as well as to do sports instead of gluing the patch.

Have not yet come up with more effective waysWeight loss than proper nutrition and exercise. But the means that convince us that you can do nothing, lose weight, can greatly harm our health or just turn out to be pacifiers.

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