/ What foods will help to avoid cancer?

What foods will help to avoid cancer?

Of course, the best and easiest way to escapeCancer, just switch to vegetable food. Many experts confirm that phytonutrients that are contained in plant foods, in combination with other useful substances can protect us from ocular diseases.

Candidate of Science in the Department of Prevention and Treatment of CancerAt the University of Quebec in Montreal and concurrently author of the book "Products for fighting cancer," Richard Belivo, argues that such products like tomatoes, garlic, berries, beans, nuts and broccoli are most effective for the prevention of cancer.


This vegetable is so rich,Dietary substance as lycopene is a carotenoid, thanks to which tomatoes have a red color. Scientists have proven that lycopene can stop the cancer of the endometrium. 8,000 women die neugegatheringly. In addition, tomatoes can fight with lung cancer, prostate, stomach and endometrium. Most cooked vegetables will benefit, for example, in the form of tomato sauce, because at the time of preparation the amount of lycopene at times increases.


Garlic contains phytocytes thatMozhnostanavat formation of nitrosamines - carcinogens, which appear in the stomach, and sometimes even in the intestines when using many preservatives of initrates. Iowa conducted a study of women's health, which showed that women, whose diet includes a lot of garlic, have fifty percent less risk of developing colon cancer than women who do not consume it at all. It also helps to heal breast, esophagus, stomach and colon cancer.

It is best to chop the garlic and add to the food (so useful enzymes will be allocated), as well as the need to boil add it to tomato sauce.


Absolutely all berries possessPhytonutrients that fight cancer. Candidate of Science and Professor of Internal Medicine at the Medical University of Ohio, Harry Stoner, through his studies, learned that black raspberries contain high concentrations of phytochemicals, which are called anthocyanins. They are able to slow down the growth of precancerous cells and prevent the formation of new blood vessels, which are so necessary for cancerous tumors.

Black raspberries are effective against gynecologist, skin, colon and oral cavity. Therefore, you need to use half a cup of berries daily.


According to the MichiganState University, it was found that the legumes reduce the risk of colon cancer in rats. This happens because beans increase the level of fatty acid butyrate, and it in turn is able to fight cancer. And according to other studies, scientists have found out that in dried-dried legumes, it is much more effective to prevent breast cancer in rats.


In walnuts, there is cholesterol, whichIs able to block estrogen receptors in the mammary gland, so it slows the growth of cancerous tumors. This was proved by the Ph.D. and the professor of the School of Medicine at the University of Huntington in West Virginia, Elaine Hardman.

Walnuts help fight prostate and breast cancer. In order to achieve the desired result, you need to eat at least a couple of nuts every day.


Such cruciferous vegetables as colored and plainCabbage contain very useful and anti-cancer substances. But broccoli is the only vegetable in which there is a good and suitable amount of sulforaphane, a substance that can protect the body from cancer, and helps to get rid of chemicals that contribute to the development of cancer in the body.

At the University of Michigan, scientists have found that sulforaphane can avoid cancer of stem cells that contribute to tumor growth.

Broccoli can perfectly fight breast cancerA gland, a liver, a stomach, a prostate, a skin, a bladder and lungs. From how much you will eat in broccoli, your protection against cancer and its cure will depend.

Tips to help reduce the risk of cancer

  1. Cut down the use of the yolk. Because of salty foods, the mucous surface of the stomach is irritated, this can lead to stomach cancer.
  2. Try to eat more foods high in calcium. Eat more cheese, cottage cheese, almonds and greenery vegetables.
  3. Reduce the amount of yam in your diet. You should eat no more than 0.5 kg of meat per week. If you eat meat, then let it be chicken. Gradually give up salami, ham and bacon.
  4. Eat more fiber. Use less rice, chips, rolls and pasta.
  5. Roast food in moderation. Roasted food has the property of secreting chemicals that develop cancer.
  6. Eat in citrus fruits. On the fish squeeze out the juice of lemon, add it to the water, and at dinner eat an orange.
  7. Keep your mouth clean. Always have a dental floss with you and caress your mouth after eating.
  8. If you constantly drive, apply sunscreen. People who all the time sitting behind the wheel, often suffer from cancer of the skin of the hands, neck and face.
  9. Try to time yourself from time to time. Doctors say that many patients themselves find signs of cancer on their body. Look more often in the mirror and for any reason, contact your doctor.
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