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We start to change today. The way to a healthy body

But with age, for many it appeared quite differentcredo - "I'll start on Monday," or as an option - "try out the day tomorrow." That's it with the last word combinations, and we will fight, because most often they relate to ourexternal form.

The way to a healthy body

If you no longer like the reflection in the mirror,then it was necessary to act much earlier. Think what is wrong. Where are the extra pounds, where is the uncertainty in yourself. Now you will begin to say that this is a sedentary job or where you have time to have time to train when you come home late, and so on, and so on.

Stop for a minute.Imagine yourself in 10 years. Tortured, tired, not with the most refined shape and without a single ray in the eyes. I do not think that any of you liked this prospect. Therefore, we begin to change today.

Right now, we take the leaves and write plans forthe next three months. And not only global or your distant dreams, but also trifles. You yourself will be very pleased to delete from the list the completed cases.

The main points should be the attainment of the spiritual balance of the healthy body. With the first, of course, things are more complicated, but the second one will help you to get close to it.

It has long been known that the more a person has a schedule loaded, the more things he manages to accomplish. We will not immediately rush from the extremes of the fringe, but try to make adjustments to the usual everyday life.

So, let's start, maybe, the passport.

Tune in to what will not be easy, but it's worth itonly to get involved and you will not be able to imagine your life without training. Find out which sports clubs work next to your homework if it's more convenient for you to do it right after the end of the day. Fitnes, aerobics, pilates, maybe just a gym or yoga. Choose what your body and soul like. Try several types. But as soon as you decide what is right for you, buy a subscription. Believe me, the paid classes are very disciplined. Sometimes better reflections in the mirror and pictures from the Internet. Everyone, of course, has his own motivation, but this one is also quite suitable.

If the work, homework or finance does not allow you to attend training in the center, then video lessons will come to your aid.

You can not only select their specific type,but also the intensity. It is more difficult to study in native walls. There are a lot of reasons, today it will not work or the family will be embarrassed. Therefore, pick the days and time in which you are engaged in yourself.

There are very intense unexpected surprisescircumstances, when there is no way out to allocate time. In this case, short-term complexes for 8-10 minutes on the main muscle groups will come to your aid. After all, the main desire, there are always minutes.

If you have a home simulator, it would seem that everything should be easier, but that provided that it has not served you for the last few years with a clothes hanger.

For home lessons,dumbbells of 1 or 2 kg, hula-hoop if desired and an expander. For a cardio load, the rope will be an irreplaceable thing, although you can easily simulate jumps through it.

Healthy food

Do you remember that we are starting to change today? Then, if the darkness and the hands of the clock are approaching by midnight, do not even think about opening the fridge or eating candy.

In the plans for the next trimesets do not forgetindicate what figure on the scales you would like to see in the end. Be realistic, do not write what can be achieved only by obtaining a residence permit in the gym.

We are for a healthy body, means, ideally notwe are talking about any stressful diets or pills for weight loss. Therefore, if you want to resort to this kind of extreme methods, you should first visit a therapist, gastroenterologist and other narrow specialists.

Otherwise, it may well be enoughknowledge of your medical record and health status today. There are various dietary tables that are shown for chronic or acute diseases, but can also be used as a basis for your diet.

Perhaps, for none of us will become news thatthe fact that healthy eating involves bans. But this does not mean at all that you must at once give up everything. All can be done gradually, removing initially only the most harmful products. Here is an example of sweets or fatty, heavy food at night.

Refuse night snacks, only not tomorrow, but today.

Try not to eat 3 hours before bedtime. Sweet pastries, fatty fried potatoes with lard, meat in sauce and salad salad will not disappear from your life in one fell swoop (well, unless you have a real iron willpower). Transfer all the harmfulness and goodies for the morning. Allow yourself in the morning all that you want. And then, in time, you might not want to eat those dishes and foods in the morning, which later settle on the pope and hips.

Today is the day of change, when we do not excuse ourselvesand do not transfer everything for later. On the way, there may be obstacles in the form of holidays, New Year, relatives who do not want to support your diet or put up with your absence during training. Change the time and place of employment, perhaps a club, connect your husband and children to health, or just stand on your own. Prepare meals for the whole family, but do not forget that men need more calories. Yes, you are trying for them, but first of all for yourself. You need a healthy, beautiful body that will fully correspond to your inner world.

The path to a healthy body and spirit is sometimes very thorny, but we are women and we will certainly achieve our goal.

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