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I have depression, is it worth changing the situation?

The furnishings should be pleasant

First, you need to determine what and what exactlyYou are choosing to change. Changing the situation should be pleasant for you. That is, if you are offered to go to the dacha and think about your problems, plowing the rations that you hate, then such a change in the situation is unlikely to be gracious. On the contrary, looking at the expanses that irritate you and engage in an unloved business, you will feel more oppression and regret that you waste time on strange things. Therefore, if you decide to change the situation in order to solve all the pressing problems, then go to the topic, which you have long been in love with, or in those that you have long dreamed of visiting, but the opportunity was not given. Changing the situation will only help in this case, if you are really fun and interesting. After all, all this is intended to completely distract you from the pressing problem, and then help to look at unresolved cases from a new angle.

Only positive

If you are going somewhere, you should remember that,that on a new place you are simply forbidden to talk about something negative and worry. In the case when you decide to go on a trip with friends, you can warn them that they will not give you the opportunity to be sad and start a topic about their problems. You can even assign a penalty for each mention of the factors that led to depression. Your friends should remember that you are traveling in order to stop "cooking" in your personal tragedies, forget about everything and get distracted. Therefore, they, too, should think less of a flop and behave in such a way that a good construction is created for everyone around them. If they see that you are ready again to meditate and begin to fret about your thoughts and doubts, then let them immediately try to draw your attention or directly remind you that you are changing the situation not to cry in a new place, but in order for you to become better. If you try to suffer somewhere alone, they will come and will surely truncate you from this unnecessary occupation to anyone.


In order to change the situation toI needed more than one day. The fact is that if you go for one day, you'll just start to get distracted, as everything is already over. From this it will become even more sad and it may happen that your condition will simply worsen. Therefore, if you decide to change the situation, then you need to go somewhere at least three or four. During this time you can acclimatize, get used to a new environment, feel relaxed and forget about what you care about. By the way, the further you will be from your native city, the better you will have the state. If you understand that you have left to the other end of the country, and your problems and memories remain in your hometown, then it becomes much easier to forget about them. By the way, the distance is valid even in cases when depression is not due to material problems, but because of mental problems. The matter is that native places store certain memories. And if we are far from them, then their influence on the emotional torments is greatly reduced. Therefore, if it's hard for you to branch out with a loved one or if you've lost a loved one, be sure to go on and on for the longest period of time. And in any case, do not let someone remind you of your problems. In a new place, which can significantly differ from the usual, you will begin to feel new emotions that can cover your memories of the past. But in any case, if you feel that you simply can not look at painfully familiar places, it is necessary to change the situation. The fact is that constant reminders of your tragedies will never give you peace.

How to behave in a new place

If you go on a trip with friends,then everything is simple. You must distribute your time so that it will not remain for sadness and meditation. Nobody says that you need to make a schedule and do not follow it. On the contrary, a clear daily routine can introduce even more discouragement to you. Just need to constantly something to invent and something to take care of. Thank God, it's quite easy to do this in a new place: always try to walk somewhere, look around the sights, go to the buildings. In general, spend time so that before going to sleep simply did not have the strength ochem something to ponder and torment yourself with memories. You and your friends should try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. If you have the opportunity to do some active sports, be sure to do it. Physical exercises, which you are most enjoyable, perfectly cure the soul of unnecessary emotions, emotions and mental troubles. Therefore, try to load yourself, but these loads must bring you pleasure.

And yet - do not drink. At least in large doses. Remember that alcohol encourages us to remember the long-forgotten and all-hyperbolize. If you feel that your emotional balance is in a precarious state, reduce the use of alcohol to a minimum. Otherwise, it will end with terrible hysterics and other nonsense, for which you will later be ashamed.

Alcohol can not be used in the case whendrove out somewhere alone. Although joint feasts often bring people together, if they are allowed to meet and communicate with someone, it's better to buy alcohol for them, but to kill yourself. First, in a sober state it will always be easier for you to assess the situation. Do not forget that you are in a strange city, but anything can happen. And secondly, you do not do anything stupid, which you will regret and can not simply change the situation, but also to have new friends who may completely dislodge bad memories from your soul. And it can happen that the place you have chosen to change the situation will become your new home.

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