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How to treat sinusitis in the home

Traditional medicine in the treatment of sinusitis - the first assistant
If there are unpleasant symptoms of sinusitis,The first thing that comes to mind is to seek advice from a specialist. But in most cases it is quite possible to cope with them and independently at home. Folk methods will be a useful addition to traditional methods of treatment, will help to significantly reduce the drug load during the exacerbation of the disease. And besides, as a rule, such methods have much fewer side effects, since they are not chemical compounds, they can be used for a long time without harm to the body and unpleasant consequences.

Widely in the treatment of sinusitis are usedMedicinal plants with bactericidal properties. Using various combinations of them, you can prepare broths and infusions that will help to remove inflammation, will help purify the maxillary sinuses.

Recipe 1. People suffering from a non-purulent form of sinusitis and a chronic course of the disease can be recommended to use a St. John's wort, prepared from the calculation - one tablespoon of raw material per glass of hot water to relieve inflammation. St. John's wort helps the affected tissues to regenerate. Increases the protective qualities of leukocytes responsible for the production of antibodies.

Recipe 2. A positive effect on the course of the disease is provided by an ointment made from a mixture of aloe, calanchoe, onion and cyclamen roots, mixed in equal proportions with Vishnevsky ointment. Turundu is moistened in the prepared mixture and inserted into the nostrils, leaving for 30 minutes. The procedures are carried out for 20 days. Ointment promotes complete cleansing of the sinuses from pus and pathogenic secretions.

Recipe 3. Do not underestimate the benefit of washing in the treatment of sinusitis. It not only helps to improve the outflow of pus from the sinuses, but also contributes to their disinfection. For these purposes, tinctures of herbs, as well as sea salt, iodine and manganese, diluted in warm water.

Recipe 4. Quickly cope with the disease helps rubbing out the outer places in the projection of the maxillary sinuses, giving a warming effect, garlic or a mixture of burdock juice with charcoal. The procedure is carried out for 20-30 minutes. Do not interfere and inhalation, helping to remove the edema of the nasal mucosa. Inhalation is conducted in the same way with herbs: chamomile, celandine, etc. And if after that, to drip five drops of fresh juicy tartar juicy or 5-7 drops of melted butter, lie down a little and drink warm tea, the effect will be even better.

Recipe 5. Use of a tea fungus in the treatment of sinusitis is a fairly well-known folk method. Infusion of a tea mushroom is poured on a hot brick (red), and then wrapped up, breathe the formed vapor. After inhalation, a few drops are infused into both nostrils and 12 glasses are drunk. The course is usually 10-12 days, after the break it can be repeated.

Recipe 6. Burial of the nose has always been used to treat and prevent inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. Effective effect gives essential oils. They can also lubricate whiskey, forehead and nose. Useful and specially prepared mixtures. For example, a solution of honey with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1 excellently draws pus.

Treatment of sinusitis is a long process. Competently chosen folk methods of treatment and their daily use will not leave the disease a single chance. But do not forget about preventive measures, which consist in the timely treatment of colds, strengthening immunity and applying protective measures in the season of increasing incidence of influenza and ARVI.
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