/ How quickly to sober up?

How quickly sober up?

First, you need to define a sobering strategy, and also to consider the tasks and goals. Often the critical factor is the need for sober behavior.

How quickly sober up for a short time?
If there was a need to withdraw a person fromAlcoholic state for a short time - 20-30 minutes, then it is enough to use the means that stabilize the state of the nervous system. You can apply wiping with snow or washing with cold water, taking a cold shower or bath, massage the ear or the surface of your feet. You can chew a bay leaf or a sheet of mint, make a so-called toilet mouth. Good strong black tea or coffee will help.

It is worth remembering that the use of sweet increases the absorption in the stomach of alcohol used before. Therefore, it is necessary to empty the stomach, causing vomiting.

A quick way to sober for a long time
If there was a need to save sobrietyFor a period of more than half an hour, it is necessary to take measures that will accelerate the excretion of alcohol from the body. Simply put, you need to clean up the intestines, namely, use an enema volume of at least two liters, at least two times. The temperature of the water in the enema should be at room temperature.

Then it is necessary to do the washing procedureStomach, with a portion of water not less than 700 milliliters. On average, about 6-8 liters of fluid will be needed. There are several other procedures that allow you to sober up as quickly as possible, but you only need to perform them in a special medical facility. But at home, you need to increase your oxygen consumption, sauna or bath, as well as various diuretics, will be perfect.

As a diuretic, you canUse mineral water. To drink it should be quite a large number. You can also use non-alcoholic beer. An excellent diuretic effect will be provided by watermelon and green tea.

If the person who is in a state of intoxication has good physical preparation, then the physical load with copious sweating will be able to sober him up.

After carrying out procedures for washing the stomachYou need to do the following: several times sniff the solution of ammonia, if it is not available, you can use any other volatile liquid with a sharp odor. Then use ascorbic acid in a rapidly digestible form. For a person with a weight of about 70 kg, enough will be 2.5-3 grams.

The general state of intoxication is caused byInteraction of alcohol with the brain. To the state of sobering came as soon as possible, a person must be subjected to mental work. For this, next to him, you can leave a sober person who would talk with him. After the previous procedures, a sobered person should refuse to drink alcohol for at least three hours.

It is worth noting that often for rapidSobering recommend the use of a weak solution of ammonia. This method has no theoretical confirmation. He was not used by doctors.
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