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Grapefruit juice: composition, properties, contraindications

Composition of the juice grapefruit

According to the chemical composition of grapefruit juiceCan be compared with lemon: it contains a lot of organic acids, there are essential oils, carbohydrates, pectins, there is a little protein and fat. Also there are vitamins - A, beta-carotene, B, C, E, PP. Of the minerals are calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron and phosphorus. Well, a few calories, 100 grams of juice is not more than 40 kcal.

Among the carotenoids contained inRed grapefruits, there is a powerful natural antioxidant - lycopene. To date, about 50 anti-cancer substances have been found in grapefruit, therefore, it is not worth ignoring these fruits, just like its juice. By the way, if desired, you can get rid of bitterness - we divide the cleared fruit into slices and remove the thin film (which gives bitterness) from each lobule.

The benefits of grapefruit juice and its properties

Drinking grapefruit juice is possible for pleasure,Giving your body an advantage, or you can and as a therapeutic diet in the presence of ryadachronic diseases. For example, orange juice with diabetes can not always be drunk, and grapefruit juice for diabetics is useful, because it has sugar, and there are many biologically active substances, moreover, it can strengthen the effect of insulin. Grapefruits are even allowed for allergies, because there are few substances that exacerbate the disease, so even children suffering from diathesis can drink grapefruit juice, whereas orange juice is not contraindicated.

At what diseases is the juice of grapefruit effective? Diseases of the gallbladder, helps with colitis, flatulence, liver diseases. Prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder, helps with swelling and constipation. Effective in ARI and infectious diseases, gastritis with low acidity, gout. Also priaterosclerosis, with obesity, anemia, hypertension, skin diseases, bleeding and scurvy.

Grapefruit juice is useful after serious illnesses, with general weakness, after the operations, women with menopause, heart disease and nervous exhaustion.

Grapefruit contains natural quinine - thisThe substance was previously widely used in medicine, for example, in the 20th century it was treated with malaria, and also used as a soothing and antiarrhythmic agent. Quinine, to some extent, also gives the fruits bitterness, but also has many medicinal properties.

Grapefruit juice for flu and cold is consumed three times a day before meals (at least 30 minutes). You can add honey to the juice, but only before this is diluted with water.

In case of digestive disorders and poor appetite-grapefruit juice, it is better to drink with pulp. A similar 3-day course will help to cleanse the intestines and stomach from deposits and slags.

The juice of this fruit with olive oil for cholelithiasis is drunk by 1/4 cup at night. Preliminary need to make the enema. Lie down on the right side, put a warm water bottle under it.

If the juice of this fruit is mixed with water at the rate of 2: 1, you get a good remedy, which is drunk with chronic and acute hepatitis, cholecystitis.

When insomnia, juice is drunk half a glass before going to bed; hypertension, overwork, atherosclerosis before meals for 30 minutes to 1/4 cup.

Grapefruit juice in the growing

Grapefruit juice promotes the breakdown of fats, removal of the body of toxins, so it effectively helps to lose excess kilograms and fight obesity.

These properties of grapefruit juice were proven inInstitute of New York: for the study were selected volunteers with excess weight, which for two weeks, they drank before meals three times a day popolastakana juice. At the same time, the experiment participants did not observe a strict diet; nevertheless, all harmful dishes were excluded from food. In their food they left me (baked and boiled) and vegetables, cheese and cottage cheese, boiled eggs, boiled chicken, steam fish, tea and coffee, and sour-milk products. Volunteers can not eat after 19:00, but volunteers did not experience hunger. Before eating, they always drank grapefruit juice. As a result, all managed to lose weight, the anecdotes dropped about 7-10 kg. Agree, a good result, especially if you pay attention to the fact that the diet was not strict.

Grapefruit juice for a diet can be cooked and at home -We clean the fruit from the peel, cut into pieces and grind it in a blender. Juice with pulp should be drunk immediately, not even 10-15 minutes. storage. Juice is used in different ways, it all depends on the acidity of the stomach, with normal acidity, they suck before meals for 15-30 minutes, with acidity they drink juice after eating.


Grapefruit juice can not be called harmful, and it has no specific contraindications to consumption, however, it is not recommended for gastritis with high acidity and ulcer disease.

But it is more important to remember that grapefruit juice withmany synthetic drugs are simply incompatible, for example, with soothing, hypotensive, analgesic, tonic. Simultaneous reception of medicines and the use of juice can cause a serious condition, and in some cases an even-lethal outcome, but also their separate use, will not do anything good.

Drugs should be washed down with clean water, thisthe rule can not be violated, and then your health will not be threatened. But from сокагрейпфрута during receptions of medicines it is better to refuse. In extreme cases, you can drink some other fruit and fruit juices.

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