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Prunes for slimming: properties and recipes

Composition of prunes

Most of the prunes contain water andCarbohydrates. A small amount of fats, proteins and ashes. In a hundred grams of prunes, there are 7.1 grams of fiber (dietary fiber). In prunes are contained in a large number of vitamins - C, B3 and E. Even in prunes there are vitamins A (beta-carotene) and vitamins of group B.

These dried fruits also contain macronutrients- very potassium (per 100 gr 745 mg), a lot of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. Now, with regard to trace elements, we can safely say that prunes are rich. It also contains copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

The fact that prunes have the ability to help to lose a few kilograms, is due to several reasons.

We use pripodugenii prunes

First, it is the nutritional value of prunes. For example, a total of 5 dried prunes can fill the body's need for dietary fiber by 13%. And the fiber in turn improves the process of promoting the foods consumed by the digestive system. This of course, when losing weight as a whole, does not have much effect, the systemic consumption of fiber (dietary fiber) normalizes the work of the colon, which is important in the fight against excess weight. Now about calorie, prunes can not be called low-calorie, because 100 g of dried fruits account for about 239 kcal.

Chernoslivak natural laxative

Many people have long known that prunes areGood means for constipation. But this was first published only in 2011. In these dried fruits, diphenylsatin and sorbitol - substances (medium-strength laxatives), which are capable of softening the stool, were found. These studies, attention was taken only in the US, and the doctors of America with full confidence already prescribed as a laxative prune. Yet this is better than the raw materials from which tablets are made. In addition, prune still has dignity - it helps to remove harmful substances from the body, including slags.

Prunes to reduce appetite

Those who were on a diet know that in thisTime feeling hungry strong enough, constantly pulling something to eat calorie mucus. In this case prunes will come to their aid - the nutritional value is much higher than for sweets, and the calorie content is lower. Moreover, prunes do not greatly increase the level of sugar in the blood.

Almost always, women who are dieting,Are depressive or irritable. And then again prunes come to the rescue, as it is an excellent natural antidepressant. Therefore, to withstand the time of dietary nutrition with prunes will be much easier.

Scientists from Greece conducted studies and proved that these dried fruits reduce appetite. Having eaten a little prunes before eating, the amount of food eaten will decrease.

How to choose prunes

The first thing you should pay attention to whenChoosing a horse, so it's in its appearance. Such a dried fruit, like prunes, should be slightly shiny and black. If the dried fruits have a blue or brown tinge, then this may indicate that the dried fruits were processed with chemicals. It is better not to buy them at all or thoroughly rinse the underwater. Prunes should be necessarily elastic and at the same time suficient. The spoilage of prunes is said to be left after pressing the dent. The cherub of the taste should be sweet, sated, slightly sour. Fruits can not be eaten with a bitter taste. Whenever possible, find out where these fats were brought from - dried fruits from California are the best.

How to properly eat prunes during a weight loss period

When losing weight, eat every day 6The fruit of the horse. Such an approach will strengthen the immune system and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Those who like all sorts of unloading days, a day can be spent on prunes, one meal should be eaten about 100 grams of dried fruits, pre-stripped. You can consume prunes every 2.5-3 hours.


Unloading days can not be performed with diabetes and digestive system disorders.


For weight loss, various beverages and mixtures are also used with sprinkling. Here are a few dietary recipes.

  • We prepare a combined agent forWeight loss, for this we need ingredients: water (1.6 liters), three hundred grams prunes, 50 grams buckthorn buckthorn, one hundred gram rose hips (you can use ready-made rose hip syrup-250 ml). Prunes and bark of buckthorn are filled with water and cooked for 25 minutes on low heat. After the broth is added to the broth, and boiled for another 45 minutes. Then the broth is taken away to a warm place for the night, then filtered and in a closed container is cleaned in the refrigerator. The broth is taken half a cup every day at 21:00.
  • Prepare a nutritious mixture of honey andDried fruit for weight loss. For the nutritional formula, we need the following products: 400 g prunes, 100 g raisins, 100 grams of dried apricots, 100 g of wild rose fruit (100 grams of rose hips can be used instead of rose hips), 50 g of chopped hay grass and 200 g of fig. All available ingredients are passed through a meat grinder, then honey is added, the mixture is thoroughly mixed, placed in a glass container, which is removed for storage in a cool place. The resulting vitamin-nutrient mixture can be consumed in the morning and evening in a spoon, or you can instead of sweets.
  • We prepare a nutritious mix only with othersIngredients. For the mixture we take the Alexandrian leaf (one package is needed), 200 grams of liquid honey, 400 grams of dried apricots and 400 g of prunes. All the ingredients, except honey, we pass through a meat grinder, add honey and mix everything. The resulting mixture is stored in a cool place. You need to eat every evening on a teaspoon.
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