/ How to eat to stay young and healthy?

How to eat to stay young and healthy?

How can a diet help us look younger?

If we eat wrong, then all this is displayed on the skin. It is also important to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, so it is necessary to consume more vitamins A, C and D.

How can nutrients and foods slow the aging process?

The main manifestations of aging are visible on our skin. To protect the skin, one should always use sunscreens, it is advisable to stop smoking. Smoking kills elastin, thanks to which our skin is so flexible. Very important for the skin has a healthy sleep, while resting the skin is restored. The cells themselves are restored quickly, but more time is needed to make up for the strength.

With regard to nutrients and food,Vitamin A - one of those that we really need and we get it from various foods: apricots, egg yolks, carrots, sweet potatoes, nectarines, broccoli, spinach.

Vitamin D - most of this vitamin weWe consume the sunlight, but many people suffer from the sun. This vitamin can be obtained from milk and orange juice. Experts say that the lower mushrooms are also rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin C is very necessary for the body to heal wounds and maintain tissue allies in integrity. Good sources of this vitamin are citrus, tomatoes and kiwi.

When does the body function decline? How can we fix this process?

There are two kinds of age: Chronological and biological. With chronological age, we can not do anything, which can not be said about the biological age. It can be affected by various factors: smoking, too long and frequent exposure to the sun, poor nutrition and unhealthy sleep.

If someone does not like oatmeal, can I have a clove?

Experts say that oats are useful in any form. In addition, oatmeal plays a big role in preventing skin aging.

It helps our body to release oxideNitrogen, due to which the core moves freer. As a consequence, all cells in the body, in volume and skin, receive more nutrients and oxygen.

How, after all, lose weight and be rejuvenated?

Every time a person wants to lose weight, heThey say that you need to be smaller. Probably, it's just that not everyone knows what moderation is. Everyone who wants to lose weight can eat his favorite dishes, but in a small moderate amount. Just to this food you need to add other useful miracle products.

For example, if you suffer from insomnia, thenEat cherries, walnuts and lettuce; If you have arthritis - pepper, yogurt, ginger; If you suffer headaches and migraine headaches - mushrooms, rosemary and blueberries, and if you have extra weight - oatmeal, pears and eggs.

Healthy diverse food, especially wholegrains and fresh vegetables, helps us to strengthen immunity, fight "free radicals" that destroy cells, and reduce inflammation at the cellular level.

There are chronic diseases that can be avoided due to healthy diet: cancer, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and others.

10 products that can help save your life

Coffee: If you consume caffeine in moderation, you can avoid the danger of diabetes-2, reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease in men, improve memory and mood.

Almond: Rich in protein, vitamin E, fiber and various antioxidants. Helps maintain heart health and excellent shape, prevents the danger of Alzheimer's disease.

Eggs: There are a few calories in them and a lot of protein, folate, choline and iron. Excellent help in maintaining weight and health of vision.

Barley: Contains fiber, vitamin E, a group of vitamin B and antioxidants. Barley contains beta-glucan, which will keep the heart healthy.

Grapes: Contains vitamin C, quercetin and potassium. Experts say that quercetin strengthens the immune system.

Cabbage: Bogatavitaminom C and A, zeaxantan, lutein and potassium. These substances are able to prevent some types of cancer and dystrophy of the ocular retina.

Nuts: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Ginger: Reduces pain with arthritis, removes nausea and soothes a restless stomach.

Olive oil: Contains useful monounsaturated fats and plant components, which are able to combat cancer, cardiovascular diseases and has anti-inflammatory effect.

Sweet potato: Contains vitamin C and A, fiber. An excellent source of lycopene, due to which you can avoid prostate, heart disease and breast cancer.

This does not mean that you need to confine yourself to these products, broccoli, oranges, tuna, soy, tea, blueberries, pumpkin, oats, tomatoes, yogurt, turkey, spinach and beans are very useful.

Pros of a rejuvenating diet

  • no need to count calories
  • Has an anti-stress effect
  • balanced diet
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
  • effective rejuvenation of the body

Disadvantages of a rejuvenating diet

  • No clear menu
  • Not suitable for people who want to quickly lose weight
  • If you eat too much, the weight will increase



Omelette with onion and spinach mushrooms.

Second breakfast:

250 ml of goat's milk, half a glass of berries.


Vegetable salad with herbs and avocado, chicken, baked in falco.


Grapefruit or orange.


Salad with raspberries and spinach, a glass of dry red wine, salmon baked with asparagus and lemon sauce.

Modern doctors and nutritionists say that the mostthe main thing is to think not about what you can not use, but rather concentrate on that, which is useful and necessary. Eat healthy foods that will help you not only lose weight, but also improve the body.

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