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Avitaminosis on the hands and face

Signs of vitamin deficiency
To avitaminosis leads inadequate useVitamins. This is not a very dangerous disease affects the overall performance and appearance. With avitaminosis, appetite and general vitality decrease. The first signs of the disease usually appear on the hands and face. Skin pale, looks sluggish and lifeless. With avitaminosis, hair also suffers - begin to fall out, become dry and brittle. There may be bleeding gums when brushing your teeth. Avitaminosis can cause frequent colds, reduce immunity. Constant fatigue and drowsiness, irritability and nervousness can result from insufficient intake of vitamins into the human body.

Risk groups
To the manifestation of beriberi on hand morePeople who often and uncontrollably sit on a variety of diets or smoke a lot. Such people need to consume vitamins all year round. It is necessary for normalization of metabolism, improvement of well-being, renewal and recovery of body cells.

Methods of treatment
The easiest way to buy synthetic vitamins inPharmacies. However, do not abuse them. It is best to provide yourself with the necessary vitamins, eating natural products. In the daily diet must be present vegetables and fruits. Eat them better in raw form. If this is not possible, then you can use the heat treatment, cook them for a couple or bake in the oven.

Necessarily in the diet should be presentMeat and fish products. These products contain many substances that will promote cell rejuvenation. If you start eating enough meat and fish, the avitaminosis on the face quickly disappears.

Effect of vitamins on the human body
Products that contain vitamins A, B2,B6, H, F are needed to improve the structure of hair and skin. Vitamins A and B are necessary for people who have vision problems. To strengthen tooth enamel and improve the appearance of nails in the diet should be present vitamins C, E, D.

Avitaminosis develops rapidly with a significantDeficiency of vitamins A and B. Skin on the arms and legs strongly cracked, dandruff appears. In addition, the immune system is greatly weakened, the sensitivity of tooth enamel is greatly increased. Be sure to include in your diet rich in vitamins A and B products: carrots, spinach, peaches, pumpkin, eggs, beef liver.

Deficiency in the body of vitamin B1 leads toA constant feeling of fatigue, excessive irritability and rapid fatigue. In this case, it is necessary to supplement the diet with foods rich in this vitamin: raisins, prunes, walnuts and hazelnuts. Vitamin B1 can not accumulate in the body, so it is necessary that it comes into the body every day.

The lack of vitamin B2 in the body is even more dangerous. This vitamin is called the "engine" of the body. With a lack of vitamin B2, appetite decreases, headaches develop, drowsiness rises, wounds slowly heal. To increase efficiency, add buckwheat and oat porridge, cauliflower, meat and milk to the menu.

If you notice that you are more likely to get colds,Then most likely, your body receives less fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin C. The level of this vitamin can be normalized by the use of "ascorbic". However, do not forget to diversify the diet with citrus and natural fresh products, this will be the best means of prevention.

Avitaminosis on the hands and face can manifest itself from a lack of vitamin D. Its deficiency will help to make up for sufficient intake of marine fish and dairy products.
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