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Premature birth: how to prevent?

Important is the fact that the number of prematureBirth directly depends on the country, on the policy pursued by the state in relation to supporting maternity and reducing the incidence of premature births, as well as from propaganda in the country for the OP, sports and refusal from alcohol and tobacco.

Important are the environmental conditions andEcology, in which the future mother lives, her stress-resistance and proper nutrition, not only during pregnancy, but also after childbirth. What is premature birth? This is a birth that occurred on a period of 28-37 weeks. And the births that occurred earlier28 weeks of pregnancy, called spontaneous miscarriage.

The greatest probability of termination of pregnancy by organorganism is for a period of 34 to 37 weeks, and in the earlier period, the probability is 10 times less.

How to prevent

Pregnancy is important and responsibleStep in the life-giving woman. Future mom and dad should discuss how much the family is ready for this crucial step, are they ready to sacrifice their time and energy for the child. If the answer is positive and parents wholeheartedly want the family to replenish, then you need to thoroughly prepare for the conception.

What you need to do before conception:

  • Go to the gynecologist and undergo a full medical examination, make a small pelvic ultrasound.
  • To study your hormonal profile, to reveal the level of androgens and estrogens. In the case of a violation of the hormonal background, you need to contact the endocrinologist.
  • Complete a complete examination of all doctors and, in case of detection of viruses, undergo the necessary treatment.
  • If in previous pregnancies, mother had an ischemic-cervical insufficiency (ICI), then it will be necessary to conduct a survey, identify the causes and eliminate them.
  • You need to identify your Rh factor. In case of its negativity, it is necessary to save the first pregnancy. If this can not be done for some reason, then after an abortion or an operation to interrupt an ectopic pregnancy within 48 hours after the procedure, antirezus immunoglobulin should be administered. This same action should be done if a mother with a negative Rh factor gave birth to a child with a positive Rh factor.
  • Identify and begin treatment of dental diseases, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidneys, liver.
  • If conception will be carried out by IVF(In vitro fertilization), the probability of multiple pregnancy will be high, which in turn will cause overload of the cervix, which can lead to the failure of the NI.

In some foreign countries, the patientIVF procedures after the sutures are applied in order to reduce the risk of premature birth. In Russia, the sutures are applied only for medical purposes, if the ultrasound revealed signs of ICI.

Throughout the period of pregnancy:

  • A future mother needs regular supervision from an obstetrician.
  • If the mother has a somatic pathology, then it is necessary to undergo a examination with the therapist and strictly follow his recommendations.
  • Women with "negative" blood or withA suspicion of Rh-conflict should be determined every month throughout the pregnancy to determine the titer of Rh antibodies and, in addition, to do ultrasound to detect hemolytic embryo disease, from the 20th week of pregnancy.
  • If the probability of hitting a group is highRisk for the factors of the emergence of NIH, then two ultrasound should be carried out to detect shortening of the cervix. The first is held at the period of 14-18 weeks, the second - 19-24 weeks.

If the mother has an NIC, the following procedures are performed:

  1. Stitches are applied to the cervix, removalWhich occurs immediately before childbirth. Stitches are imposed in two ways: laparotomic access - through the abdomen, transvaginally - through the vagina.
  2. Imposition of obstetric discharge pessary,To redistribute the pressure of the fetal egg, which makes it possible to discharge the cervix. Pessary is made of polyethylene, with the central opening it closes the cervical pharynx.

In addition to the foregoing, aOptimistic, warm and soulful atmosphere in the family. Mom categorically not be disturbed, subjected to stressful situations. Do not allow negative emotions to disturb the full extent of the child's joy in expectation.

Not yet giving birth to a woman should not be frightened"Terrible stories" about the kind of complex births that some had. Each organism is unique, unique. Someone's births take place at a time or two, and someone has to be heavier. Women who have given birth may intimidate the "newcomer" in this matter, so do not stop with such people, stop these conversations. Just do not spoil your psyche views of Internet pages with frightening diagnoses and videos. In the case of ailments you do not need to make a diagnosis yourself and thus scare yourself and the father of the child, you just need to go to the doctor. It is very important to eat right during pregnancy. It is necessary to abandon obkolbas, sausages, various semi-finished products, there are more dairy products, witch the time of pregnancy on the spine puts a heavy load.

And one more thing. Women during pregnancy as never need support and care, attention and help from close people. The husband must always be near his pregnant wife, talk to her, support, speak compliments, talk and listen to the tummy. This will provide a maximum of pleasant emotions for future parents.

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