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The impact of abortion on the psyche of a woman

Was this done already or is it yet to be done?It is important to do one thing - with this it is necessary to live the whole subsequent life and perhaps even to search for a piece of your happiness and coziness. Therefore, we will stop the attention of the aftereffects of the abortion, in particular, what effect it has on the woman's napsihik.

Postabortny syndrome. What is it?

No one can give an exact definition. Strangely enough, he is still considered a real mental diagnosis. However, in two words, this syndrome can be described as follows. PAS is a group of mental illnesses and consequences that arise after a previous abortion.

Despite the fact that this interpretation does not carryOfficial character, this syndrome is faced by the vast majority of women. The syndrome can manifest itself immediately after the abortion, and can wait a while and accidentally come on. Completely eliminated can in two months, and maybe stay for life.

The impact of abortion napsihiku

Undoubtedly, the psyche of a woman is a character,Feelings and emotions embedded in it. In other words, the basis of the woman's behavior. Abortion, in its turn, causes severe stress to the body. Let's try to figure out what the woman feels after the abortion. Of course, this applies not to all women, but to the overwhelming majority.

1. Emptiness inside, grief, loss

Such feelings arise after the loss of a loved oneRights. Noabort is no different from death. The only difference is that the woman makes a conscious choice in favor of his assumption. This is one of the most powerful influences on the woman's psyche, but the most important of them are still waiting for us ahead.

2. Feelings of guilt

After the abortion, the woman remains for herself. It is everywhere beginning to pursue a sense of guilt, from at least four sides.

The first - imposed by society, condemning the opinion,Horrible pictures on the walls of the hospital and heart-rending words on them. Casual patients of the hospital who, as it were, accidentally heard about abortion. Numerous video clips on the Internet and a lot of articles on this topic. Misunderstanders.

The second is the woman herself. We often feel guilty when we do not know how to correctly answer the blows of fate. Often a woman begins to realize that all the reasons for which she refused a child are just excuses and the real reason is just one and she is known to everyone.

A child who was never born. No matter how incomplete the fruit is denied inside, a woman always understands and feels that this is her child. Yetot child so wanted to appear in the world but, alas, he was not allowed to do it.

Man. Even being in this state, the woman is fully aware. She is responsible for what happened and worries about her future relationship, which, most likely, will be ashes. And besides the man there is still a lot of relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues who knew how to act in this situation, but you did not listen to them.

3. Panic

What is the threat of abortion? What will happen now? Will I have children in the future? What will become my life? Will everyone discuss and remember me with impartial words?

As a rule, no one can give you an answer -Do abortilism not. Therefore, when you decided on this, in the future you are waited by a diminishing uncertainty. And in reality, everything looks as follows: a bad physical condition, constant stress and torture of conscience. How to live on, what to do with all the problems that have fallen on my head, what will happen to my family, all these questions are attached to the complex of aftercare after abortion.

4. Helplessness

Abortion is made and not return back. Thoughts: "better I acted differently", will pursue you quite a long time. No one will say how to get out of depression and cope with the terrible state. Your man does not always know how to behave properly. And the society at any convenient opportunity hints that it was necessary to think earlier, instead of building now iridescent prospects for the future.

5. Psychological and physical aversion to a man

Pregnancy, which did not fall on timeHead of the service is not only women, but also her men. In order to somehow remove the responsibility for herself, the woman begins to raise her voice to the man, wishing to transfer the burden to his shoulders, and often meets a negative reaction to his behavior. Alas, most couples after abortion never find a common language.

Women argue that even after all the obstacles are overcome, it is very difficult for them to have sex with a man. And if sex does happen, the process of intimacy does not give any pleasure.

6. Callousness, intolerance, frequent aggression

After the abortion, people begin to irritate the woman andThings happening around her. Often, obsessive thoughts do not leave her for a long time. Many women confess that after they gave birth to the second child, instead of joy and love, they are awakened by hostility and aggression towards the child.

Constant change of mood, depression, conflicts, insomnia, changes in consciousness - all these mental consequences, give rise to physiological changes as a result of abortion.

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