/ How do women improve their performance?

How do women improve their performance?

Ergonomics is our everything!

The first step is to understand that theit is necessary to keep it clean and tidy. As the Eastern wise men say, the order from the outside allows you to establish the right way of thinking. So, if you do not have everything right with the organization of the workplace, it is necessary to clearly decompose all the items into places, because scattered scraps of paper, on which you write your assignments, folders with documents, unsaved files, stationery, randomly scattered on the table, take away your emotional strength. Also, remember how much time and nerves you spend on finding the right item or document.

In order to make it easier to findnecessary documents, the most important papers should be put in a prominent place, those on which you have already finished work, it is most appropriate to put it in a folder and set aside a cabinet. If you have stationery on your desk that you do not use or use extremely rarely, it's best to put them in the locker or table huddle.

From documents, drafts, periodicals, whichvamuzhe not useful in work, it is necessary as soon as possible to get rid. And if you use some things or documents with colleagues, ask them to put things where they took them. This approach will help disciplining the colleague and you do not have to look for glue, scissors or documents wherever they theoretically may be.

Comfort first and foremost

Often, productivity declinesfrom the injection of something small things, such as an employee, the growth of 150 cm is uncomfortable to sit at an exaggerated table, the office is too stuffy or vice versa, cold, the workplace lacks a desk lamp.

If you are in the same situation, it is worthless, contact your immediate supervisor, who is directly interested in ensuring that employees work at full capacity.

Complaining is also in the event that someone from the smokers smokes directly at the workplace or in the office, where apart from him, someone else is working.


Everyone knows that working in the officecharacterized by reduced mobility and almost complete lack of physical exertion. If you can not allocate at least 5 minutes for charging during the working day, it is worthwhile to find a complex that can be performed sitting in the work chair. From this recommendation follows: office chairs should not rigidly fix the body, not allowing you to do unnecessary movements.

If your office building has an elevator, andyou need to move from one floor to another from time to time, abandon the miracle of technology and climb the stairs. Add health and help to increase efficiency and a 20-minute walk. If you could not get out at the lunch break, try to walk after work.

Watch your diet

Fatty dishes, fried meat, potatoes significantlyreduce the efficiency. The same can be said about a large amount of food. This is not surprising, because the blood flows to the stomach, which is forced to digest large portions or heavy food and you are sleepy. What is the productivity here, if the brain experiences oxygen starvation ?!

In order to saturate, but do not overfillstomach, nutritionists recommend taking just enough food to eat so that you do not feel hungry. In this case, blood, and, accordingly, oxygen, will get both the stomach and the brain, and you can safely return to the fulfillment of their work duties.

Increase the capacity for work and regularlydrinking water or other useful liquid. These include, for example, a decoction of chamomile, dog rose, fruit juice from cherries, cranberries, other berries. Such drinks not only will thirst, but also help to replenish the supply of vitamins, which the body lacks in the winter-spring period.

Get away from the irritants!

When taking work, try not to be distractedvarious irritating and embarrassing situations. Man, solving a task, completely immersed in the flow of his thoughts aimed at doing the work. As soon as the excitement factor, you fall out of the flow, which will not be merged into that way. Specialists who observed people who are in such situations, note that they can fully return to the task in a period of 5 minutes to a day!

In order to be less distracted, at work coststurn off ICQ, Skype, as often as possible to check e-mail. Of course, this advice only applies to those who do not use the services listed above in workplaces. In addition, you can go for some trick. For example, if a colleague knocks on your Skype and tries to tell how the birthday of the young child passed and how promptly she transplanted indoor plants with walnuts, you can tell her with a calm soul that you now have no time to chat with snow, since the director issued an urgent job.

Another eternal irritant is the mobilea phone that can distract from work not only you, but all colleagues around. Of course, you do not want to miss an important call, but you still have to stick to the rules of existence in the office: in order for everyone to be satisfied, adjust the sound of the incoming call ringtones and SMS messages to the minimum level.

Plan the day on paper

If your company does not use anyspecial programs that allow you to plan working hours and perform all work on time, organize a similar system for yourself. In this case, it's easiest to start a diary in which you will record the upcoming assignments. Even more disciplined, you will perform the work, if you set the time for which the task should be done in front of each item.

We divide the big problem into several small ones

Often we receive a task for which evenit is terrible to take, because it seems that it is so big and incomprehensible that it can not be done. In order to facilitate the task, the work needs to be divided into several stages, each of which can be divided into several small tasks. After doing this work, you will see , that the devil is not so terrible, as he is painted and most stages are familiar to you. In addition, a well-structured plan helps to move faster from one point to another.

For example, the chief instructed you to make outdocuments stored in a large closet and distribute what papers should be left, what to send to the archive, and which ones can be safely thrown out. It seems that you know what should happen in the end result, but proceed to the task as it is terrible. A clear planning will help to make the work on time.

Encouragement is the best incentive

Rarely, who will be able to perform this or that job,knowing that she will not get anything for her. On the other hand, the cash reward, because of which most of us visit the office - it's good, but the praise of the chief is able to significantly improve the results of labor. But the bosses do not pay compliments as much as we would like.

In order to work with pleasure andsoon come to the intended result, think up for yourself a small encouragement, which you will receive after each successfully and on time task completed. It is not necessary that these are sweets. If you are inclined to completeness, choose something else, for example, promise that after you pass the annual report, you must go to the cinema with a friend or buy a lipstick that you look long at.

Arrange office competitions

Why at school to those who first solved the complextask, put the brass, and in the adult life about this, as a rule, forget? In order to increase work capacity, it is possible to set goals and solve their time-limit. Even better, if you have colleagues who deal with similar problems. You can arrange competitions with them. So your work will move faster, and in the saved time you can do something more pleasant, for example, plan how you spend your weekend with your family.

In addition, if you begin to compete withAfter some time you will be able to determine what resources your organization possesses and understand when you are really tired and need to slow down the pace, and for a while the period of work is idle for other reasons.

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