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Cabbage kohlrabi: composition, benefits and properties

There was this wonderful cabbage in Northern EuropeAnd limestone for a long, long time. The first mention of cabbage dates back to the year one thousand five hundred and fifty-fourth. Since then, exactly one hundred years have passed, and cabbage has gained the confidence of the whole of Europe. To date, cabbage is especially popular in the People's Republic of China, India, and several other Asian countries.

Kohlrabi is a very unpretentious vegetable, whichIt has high resistance to various pests and diseases. It is thanks to this ability that cabbage is successfully cultivated even in the coldest areas of the north. The big advantage of cabbage is also that it does not conflict with other vegetables in the garden at all, it's great to get along with them. Kohlrabi quickly ripens. The first fruit can be reaped after it takes two or two and a half months after the start of planting. But, to a great disappointment, even the simplicity of cultivation did not make cabbage very popular in Russia. We have it grown only lovers, in spite of all the variety of useful properties.

Composition of kohlrabi

This cabbage contains a lot ofVitamin C, as well as vitamins A, B2, B, B3. In addition to these vitamins, the vegetable is also rich in mineral salts, which are useful for humans, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, cobalt and iron. The composition of kohlrabi contains enzymes and contains a lot of plant cells and proteins. Cabbage pulp - kohlrabi is rich in glucose, fructose, it contains sulfur compounds, it is definitely a valuable product of dietology, caloric value, which is only 41.7 kilocalories per hundred grams of product. The high content of Vitamin C in kohlrabi explains why it has a different name. Otherwise, they cabbage with a northern lemon.

Benefits of cabbage and its quality

The use of kohlrabi in the food of steel is not onlyThanks to the excellent taste, but also because of the useful properties that are contained. If this cabbage is consumed constantly, then it begins to affect the work of the liver, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal tract. Cabbage also normalizes the metabolism in the body. Due to the diuretic effect, which cabbage possesses, the excretion of excess liquid begins from the body. That is why this vegetable is regularly included in the diet of hypertensive patients. Another important and useful property - the use of kohlrabi in food allows to settle bad cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which the risk of manifestation of all kinds of diseases is reduced. Kolrabi also has a purifying effect on the human body. It is recommended for strengthening the cardiac muscle, lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis. But this is not the limit. Kolrabi helps reduce the risk of manifestations of infectious diseases.

Cabbage has a good effect on obesity. This is due to the fact that cabbage has a low calorie content, and it perfectly cleanses the intestines of otoxins and various slags.

Modern research, conducted by physicians,Proved that the presence in the diet of cabbage kohlrabi is an excellent prophylaxis of cancerous diseases of the rectum and large intestine. This is due to the content of sulfur-containing substances in cabbage.

Healing qualities of cabbage are used even in folk medicine. If you make a decoction from the tops and stem kohlrabi, then with high probability you can treat asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis.

All of the above properties that containCabbage, make it an important component in the diet of people who are striving for proper nutrition, with the maximum benefit for their health. This cabbage is useful for giving to children and women during pregnancy.

Use of cabbage-korrabi

Of course, fresh stems and young leavescabbage will be the most useful for the human body. A special taste is attached to salads of rawcrackrabi. This is due to juicy stem, which in addition still has a delicate taste. However, they do not only make cabbage in raw form. She is also eaten in a stewed and boiled form, as is the usual white cabbage. If you rub the cabbage on a grater, then refill with oil, its taste will become similar to the taste of radish, only more tender. If kohlrabi is subjected to heat treatment, then it must first be cut into small pieces, no larger than a pea. From cabbage it is possible to prepare a stew, vegetable soup, fritters, it can also be stuffed, after removing all the pulp in the center of the stalk, after which having enclosed there the prepared stuffing from meat and vegetables. Cabbage can be baked, marinated, fried in breadcrumbs. Boiled cabbage served hot, adding sauce to the bite. To emphasize its special taste, it is necessary to add a little lemon juice or soy sauce to the dish.

With kohlrabi, carrots, chicken, cucumbers, prawns, peanuts and fish perfectly combine.

Preparation of cabbage for consumption

First, it is necessary to clean the stem from the skin, then rinse it under a cold water jet to completely remove the residual earth from the cabbage.

Use in food is best young fruit, because they have the most delicate taste. The ideal fruit should be no more than a millimeter in diameter.

Cabbage kohlrabi is stored for a long time in dried form.

There are practically no contraindications, only some forms of gastrointestinal diseases.

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