/ What procedures are allowed for pregnant women?

What procedures are allowed for pregnant women?

Is it possible to visit beauty salons for pregnant girls?

Due to the fact that every woman duringpregnancy hormones change very much, many doctors often recommend refraining from cosmetic procedures. Some girls could hear from their doctors a warning about going to beauty salons. However, it should be noted that the doctors do not forbid going to beauty salons. They just do not recommend doing some procedures, in some procedures, on the contrary, it is just necessary to do. They will benefit the future mother, and hence the baby.

Why do pregnant girls go to beauty salons?

Most often, expectant mothers attend beauty salonsnot because they so wanted and they have nowhere to spend their free time, but because the skin, hair, nails and so on begins to deteriorate. This is caused by the hormonal failures and reorganizations that occur in pregnant women. And as a result of this, various problems with appearance appear.

Of course, many girls try to go to the salonsBeauty after the birth. But it's not right. After all, there are already problems and nuances that we need to work on right now, otherwise this can develop into more serious problems later on.

With many skin and hair problems you can fightin home conditions with the help of cosmetics. They are now a lot, and pick the necessary for your skin type will not be difficult. But, unfortunately, not all problems can be eliminated at home on their own. In such cases, it is necessary to turn to beauty salons, where competent specialists will select special products for you and help to restore the natural state of the skin, hair and so on.

What can I do, why should I avoid it?

For pregnant women in the period of bearing a babymany cosmetic procedures are highly undesirable. Therefore, before going to salonkasoty better consult with a doctor and find out what you can do, but what better to refrain. In addition, at first glance, completely innocuous procedures can cause you stress, therefore, it is better to refuse them. If you feel discomfort or painful sensations during depilation, then its best to do it. In extreme cases, you can choose a more painless method of hair removal.

To get rid of unwanted hair on the body,better to resort to classical methods - epilator or shaving. These are less painful procedures, rather than getting rid of hair with hot wax. If you are too sensitive to pain and the thought of epilation in you causes panic, it is better to refuse and from the epilator and use an ordinary razor. During pregnancy from photographic and laser hair removal, it is worth not giving in general.

Each girl watches her hair. But for pregnant women this is not so simple. After all, you need to limit yourself in some procedures. For example, in hair coloring. Not everyone follows this advice, since they consider that modern paints are almost harmless. But this is not so. Even paint that does not contain ammonia, causes stress to your body. Do not forget and that any paint is absorbed into the body and can harm your future baby. Therefore, from the coloring of the hair, it is recommended to refrain at least the first months of the baby's life in the womb. Better, of course, to abandon the painting of the period of the entire pregnancy.

Our grandmothers did not get a haircut during the gestation periodchild. They considered that part of our inner strength departs with the hair. However, this super-belief is not proven. Therefore, this is at your discretion. Believe it, grow your hair, do not believe it, cut it off. In general, cosmetic procedures for hair are allowed, but only if the substances that are used for them, are natural or do not affect systematically on the body.

In order to return the skin to a normal statesometimes, it is impossible to do without various procedures. Therefore, going to a beauty salon, you can do with the skin everything you want, except for various peelings of drug-induced interventions. It is better to warn your beautician at once and ask you to choose for you a special program of nursing a leg.

If you like making masks and wrapping forskin of the face, then it is better to withhold them and postpone the implementation of these procedures as much as the baby's delivery. Because the components that are used for such procedures are not natural. And they have direct contact with your skin and are absorbed through it inside.

Manicure and pedicure can and should be done onthroughout pregnancy. In addition, during pregnancy, your nails become fragile and brittle. They need special care and treatment that can only be provided to you in the beauty salon. It is worth noting, and the fact that late mornings of the future mother find it difficult to do manicures and pedicures on their own, therefore, it is simply necessary to interfere with the specialist.

Some are wondering if it is possible to domassage during pregnancy? Yes, you can, but not in the first trimester. During this period, doctors are advised to refrain from this procedure. However, at later stages, when there is a strong fatigue and swelling in the legs, it is recommended to make lymph drainage foot massage. It helps to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms. But it is worth noting that foot massage is not recommended, as sometimes cramps sometimes appear.

The more natural the components, the better for you andyour future child. Therefore, always tell your beautician that you are pregnant and ask him to pick up cosmetic products on a natural basis.

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