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Aromatherapy in winter: winter essential oils

Aromatherapy has many advantages. It favorably affects both the emotional background of a person and the general state of health. Thus, when using aromatic oils in the winter, you can give the air inside your house the scent of summer and create a favorable atmosphere in it.

How to use aromatherapy,Depends on your wishes and preferences. You can use the aroma lamp, you can add a little flavor to the bath with water, you can add aromatherapy oil to a loved one with a massage or find any other way of using aromatherapy. This method, helping to fight with blues, is effective and does not cause habituation or other negative consequences.

How to choose a winter aroma?

However, unfortunately, not all oilsThere is an anti-stress effect. Therefore, listen to our advice and choose one or below presented aromas: grapefruit oil, lemon, basil, chamomile, mandarin, mint, geranium, sage, lemon balm, lavender, patchouli, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or rose.

The most famous antidepressant in aromatherapy is ethereal balsamato. Thanks to the aroma that it emits, the state of the alarm disappears, the mood rises and the person comes into tonus.

The most important thing in choosing the right one for youAroma - this is your personal perception of smells, from all their diversity. Whatever the characteristics of the essential oil, if its aroma has no effect on you, and moreover, unpleasantly, then do not stop it's attention. And if suddenly you were surprised to notice that you liked the whole composition of smells, you can safely call it your own, because only a pleasant aroma can deliver truly unforgettable pleasure, satisfaction and benefit.

The benefits of aromatherapy

In winter, oils can increaseImmunity of a person. They have a general health-improving effect on the body and help to relax. In addition, they perfectly complement your winter daily makeup.

Ethereal aromas were treated by people from distant times,But even today, modern science recognizes the fact that oils have a truly curative effect on the human body. This is due to the fact that the aromas of essential oils through the olfactory receptors within a short period of time are attached to the body and exert a beneficial effect on them. Smells have an effect on the nervous system of the person's psychic and emotional state. Smells can both reassure and give cheerfulness. And all the aromatic oils that absorbs the skin, perfectly replace the cosmetic.

By exerting an amplifying effect on immunity,Aromamasla increase energy metabolism in the blood of muscles, and also contribute to the elimination of toxins. When you are very tense, aromatherapy will help reduce the burden on the body, increase your mood and lead to a normal sleep. Some oils even help to increase your own sensitivity.

Methods of using essential oils in winter

Aromatic baths

Aromatic baths are a pleasant way to useOils, which is popular in the winter. If the bath is contraindicated to you, you can use soft compresses. Depending on what you choose the oil, will have some impact on your body.

Lavender oil. Helps to calm down and relax. Activates regeneration processes, removes flaking and redness of the skin, removes acne.

Cypress oil. It restores the hormonal balance in the body. Helps to cope with spot loss and swelling.

Camomile oil. Removes irritability, has bactericidal properties. Soothes sensitive skin.

Cedar oil. Oil gives more confidence. It narrows the pores and quickly heals wounds.

Camellia or bergamot oil. Soothes the nervous system, relieves excess tension. Has antiseptic and cooling properties

Patchouli oil. Aroma gives confidence, relaxes. It has an anti-cellulite effect, smoothes wrinkles, making the skin velvety.

Massage creams

Before you mix the cream with essential oil, read the instructions that indicate the dosage, since excessive amounts of oil will harm the body.

In winter, the moisturizing effect is very important, whichIt is possible with the help of oils of lily of the valley, mimosa, rose, fern or jasmine. In the winter it is possible to start getting rid of cellulite with the help of grapefruit and orange oils. If you want to givekozhe elasticity, use oils of violet or mint.

Winter flavors for the apartment

Here you can safely experiment and createIts own range of fragrances. For example, in the living room, to create a cosiness and it is possible to use a combination of grapefruit oil, incense, ylang-ylang or mandarin.

Mixing the oils of neroli, sandalwood, incense and myrrh in the bedroom will help to relax and sleep well.

Mint, rosemary or lemon will warm you and rid you of unpleasant smells in the kitchen.

Try to create your own fragrance composition, from which you will go crazy, and enjoy it on a cold winter evenings.

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