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Cervical erosion

Treatment of cervical erosion

Today there are two types of cervical erosion treatmentUterine: operating and non-surgical methods. Before deciding on the method, the doctor will necessarily prescribe an examination for the detection of STIs (if this is not done, and the patient will have a PPP disease, then all efforts to treat erosion will be useless). After this, all inflammatory diseases must be eliminated.

If there is dysfunction of the ovaries, or there are violations in the hormonal background, then this should also be normalized.

If there are no complications, then erosion is possible andEven you must first try to cure by a non-surgical method. Modern doctors have a whole arsenal of means for conservative (non-surgical) treatment of erosion: antibiotics of a new generation, homeopathic preparations, chemical coagulation (treatment of affected areas with the drug "Solkovagin"), etc.

If the medication is not successful, orThere are complications of the course of the disease, then there are operational methods (cauterization) of erosion treatment. These include: cryodestruction (the affected area is fused with liquid nitrogen), laser coagulation (exposure to the affected cervical area by a low-power laser beam), diathermocoagulation (electric cautery), and radio wave surgery (Surguton device).

Erosion and pregnancy

Erosion, like any other disease, is betterTo warn, than to treat. Therefore, in order to prevent the emergence of erosion of the cervix, it is desirable to visit the gynecologist regularly, avoid promiscuous sexual intercourse, and treat inflammatory diseases in a timely manner.

During pregnancy planning, it is necessary to identify the presence of inflammatory processes, PPP diseases and treat, in case of a positive result.

The presence of erosion, if not accompanied byInfectious diseases, pregnancy usually has no influence. Operative treatment of erosion is not carried out throughout the term of pregnancy. The fact is that with surgical treatment on the cervix of the uterus a scar is formed, because of which the cervix can become worse. Some doctors believe that during the entire pregnancy period, erosion can be treated with a laser, since this method is considered the most mild after medication. But most are more inclined to the fact that laser treatment can contribute to the termination of pregnancy.

Now there are medicines,Who successfully cope with erosion during pregnancy, quickly heal damaged areas of the cervix and reduce inflammation of the cervical tissue. These include preparations containing zinc in conjunction with hyaluronic acid.

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