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Than it is better to wash down tablets?

Than it is necessary to wash down medicines?

You can not drink medicine with sodasDrinks or juice, so that there is no undesirable reaction in the stomach. Undesirable interaction of grapefruit juice and grapefruit with drugs, because the substances that are contained in the grapefruit, do not allow the liver to split into small parts of medicines. Many drugs are not combined with grapefruit juice - antineoplastic, cardiac drugs, antidepressants, antibiotics and others. When taking pills, it is best not to eat grapefruit.

You can not drink medicine with mineral water or sweet soda, because they contain carbon dioxide and as a result of taking medicines its properties and acidity change.
Milk should not be washed down with caffeine, ascoffee,Citramon, antibiotics, since milk neutralizes the effect of drugs, with the content of caffeine. It is impossible to drink milk when anemia is treated, milk does not allow the assimilation of iron preparations. Juices reduce the effects of nosps, antibiotics and increase the properties of antifungal drugs.

These tablets are taken after a meal:
  • Steroid hormones, indomethacin, metronidazole are taken.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as iodine preparations, nitroxoline, reserpine, trichopolum, indomethacin, butadion, they need to be washed down with rice broth, jelly, milk.
  • All pills for colds, headaches - ascophene, aspirin, should be washed down with milk or mineral water.
  • Antibacterial tablets ethazol, sulfademitoxin, biseptol are washed down with alkaline drink.
  • Hormonal tablets - polcortolone, prednisolone washed down with milk.
  • Digestive enzymes are taken at the beginning and during the meal.
  • Multivitamins are drunk during meals.
  • To gelatin capsules are not glued to the wall of the esophagus, they are taken, sitting or standing and washed down with water in large quantities.
  • Clopheline quickly lowers blood pressure, it needs to be taken prone.
  • Heart drops take, dripping into a slice of a refined sugar.
  • Tablets of mucaltin from cough will be more effective if you dissolve them in sweetened water and drink an hour before meals.
  • Antibiotics are taken before, after and during meals, unless the instructions on it are differently written.
  • Together with food take festal, panzinorm, mezim, these drugs improve the digestion of food.
  • 15 minutes before meals, anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal preparations, analgesics are taken.
  • Preparations for heartburn, homeopathic remedies,Plant extracts are taken after the teeth are cleaned and the mouth is rinsed, so that there is not the slightest admixture of foreign matter in the tongue, then the effect will be a nuisance. If the instructions do not say when to take the medicine, it is taken before meals for thirty minutes, or four hours after eating. Nothing will stop the medicine from getting used to.
  • As for alcoholic beverages, they should be forgotten for the period of drug therapy.
  • Preparations of iron washed down with orange juice. The rest of the medicine and antibiotics can not be washed down. Between the intake of minerals, vitamins and tea, coffee is best to wait 20 minutes. Most tablets are washed with bottled or boiled water to 100 ml. Preparations and antibiotics containing calcium and caffeine are incompatible with soda and milk. The juice of black currants and grapes slows the absorption of ibuprofen, amidopyrine, furosemide.
  • Separately, it should be said about such drinks as coffeeand tea. Tea contains tannin, a tannin, which helps to form insoluble compounds. The coffee contains caffeine, it in combination with the medicine gives an unpredictable result, especially if applied with soothing means. Do not drink alcohol.
  • To restore the intestinal flora take such tablets as - hilak-forte, linex, baktisubtil, lactobacterin, they are taken 1 hour before meals and washed down with cool water.
  • Antiulcer and antacid agents - maalox, gastal, and almagel are taken half an hour before meals or after eating in one hour.
  • Drugs for diarrhea are taken immediately before meals.
  • Kiselele pills pills erythromycin, oletetrin, then the kissel envelops the pill, and the medicine has minimal effect on the gastric mucosa. Tablets drink before eating.
A unique tool for sipping tabletsIs water. It will not be bad if you pour the pill with water. But there are cases when it is better to drink with other liquids. For example, with alkaline water - "Essentuki" number 4 and number 17 washed down tablets of aspirin and erythromycin.

To the body received tablets and medicines at the same time, you need to sit down at the table in time and live on the regime. Health to you!
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