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Births in women with a narrow pelvis

Narrow pelvis, the main signs

Make a conclusion that there are anatomical changes in the bones, the doctor can on the basis of the following signs:

  • Regular disorder in the menstrual cycle;
  • If a woman's height is less than 160 cm;
  • If the height of the woman is not less than 160 cm, but there is lameness, curvature in the spine, gait disturbance and other pathological changes;
  • Presence of small brushes and feet, i.e. The size of the legs is less than the 36th and short fingers;
  • In the case that these births are not the first, but also the first births have gone through with complications;
  • The presence of trauma in a woman, and diseases that can contribute to the narrowing of the pelvis.

Inadequate formation of the pelvis and its causes

Today, gynecologists recognize the following reasons for having a narrow pelvis in a woman:

  • Nutrition, which is inferior, lack of vitamins and nutrients that disrupt metabolism;
  • The presence of severe infectious diseases,Especially in childhood. There are in view of such diseases as tuberculosis, poliomyelitis and rickets, various tumors, anomalies in the structure of pelvic bones of an innate character, hormonal failures that occur in a girl at the age of puberty;
  • Deformation of the bone system, lack of limbs and the presence of other pathologies;
  • Heredity factor.

Urns with a narrow pelvis during pregnancyUsually there is shortness of breath, toxicosis, heart palpitations. The cause of all these symptoms lies, as a rule, in the pressure of the bottom of the uterus, located very high, on the diaphragm. Because of this to enter the narrowed input of the pelvis of a woman, the child's head can not practically.

Protein activity in women with a swollen pelvis

As seen from practice, having a narrow pelvis, a woman gives birth with some complications, such as:

  • premature discharge of amniotic fluid;
  • labor activity is weak;
  • fetal hypoxia;
  • prolapse of umbilical cord loops, and sometimes small parts of the fetus;
  • infection of the fetus or birth canal;
  • formation of intestinal and genitourinary fistulas;
  • divergence of the lobate dissection;
  • risk of injury to soft tissue of the fetus or birth canal.

For reasons of women with similarcomplications, you need to hospitalize the back or three weeks before the onset of labor in the department of pregnancy pathology. There will be an antenatal training. And the specialists will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate method of delivery for this case.

Gynecologists note that in many cases,women with a narrow pelvis, pregnancy runs without complications, but the process of birth can be very complex, and sometimes dangerous. And the lack of qualified medical care can lead to rupture of the uterus, and possibly, to the death of the baby. Proceeding from this, the birth activity should be supervised by the medical staff. Amatochno-placental circulation must be stimulated with special medications.

In addition, with weak labor activitysuch patients, doctors are obliged to take special measures for the prevention. In such cases, use antispasmodic or pain medications, as well as glucose and vitamins. Rehabilitation is used only in extreme cases.

Attention of doctors is attentivemonitoring the condition of the parturient woman (urination and discharge from the vagina). Very often, specialists after the removal of water carry out vaginal examinations, which allows controlling the fall of small parts of the fetus or umbilical cord loops. In order to facilitate the process of labor, a perineal incision is used. In order to prevent the appearance of bleeding, special drugs are introduced that reduce the uterus - this is done after the birth of the child.

It should be recalled that the process of childbirthwomen with a narrow pelvis, in most cases is associated with risk, which can be avoided only by timely antenatal care and with the help of professional doctors.

Recommendations of doctors

Women with a narrow pelvis throughoutPregnancy is recommended under the constant supervision of specialists. Approximately from the middle of the second trimester, a special bandage is prescribed. And already for two or more for a tri-partum before the expected date of childbirth, it is necessary to go to the department of pathology of pregnant women without fail.


Children should still beprevent the development of anatomically narrow taut. This applies to the rational diet, and rest, and moderate physical loads, and sports that ensure the harmonious development of the whole body. If the above recommendations are followed, the formation of the pelvis is correct. Also, it is necessary to protect the work of girls, adherence to hygiene rules in school and at home. The need to timely recognize and begin treatment of hormonal disorders that affect the formation of the bone pelvis and are very important preventive measures. Thus, you will help to avoid your daughters further problems associated with the presence of a narrow pelvis. After all, you always want the development of pregnancy and, as a consequence of this, the birth to be most successful and without any complications.

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