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What you need to know for beginners

Vegetarianism is a kind of diet thatExcludes the products of animal origin. Adherents of this kind of nutrition claim that it makes the brain work, increases intelligence and prolongs life.

Nutritionists are constantly studying the human organism and its characteristics. Some people, when they eat meat, do not feel well, and some get sick from plant products.

That's why you should not choose diets at random, as soon as you consult a dietitian. It is necessary to pay attention to the state of health and age of a person.

So to be or not to be a vegetarian?

Everyone should understand this for himself. But you also need to listen to the advice of doctors. Some say that it is very useful to people who have reached the age of 30.

The body stopped growing, and he already needs proteinsSmaller number of. Switching to vegetarianism is well thought out, not only to stand out from the gray mass of meat eaters, and that your body wants it.

If you feel better with this diet, and the body becomes healthier, then you can always eat so. But before you decide, you should know all the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet.

American scientists say that 99% of women,Which feed on meat, milk during pregnancy contains a large number of toxins, which can not be said about those that eat plant products, here the percentage of such cases is only 8. They say that in America, most people die because of myocardial infarction and 50% of them eat meat and Only 15% of those who do not eat them. Those men whose diet includes meat is 3.6 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than vegetarians. And in women who eat meat, breast cancer happens 4 times more often.

Every 10th person on our planet does not existfor different reasons. And the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for health, they know everything. If the body lacks protein, then we need to give it that it will be replaced.

The Pros of Vegetarianism

  1. Vegetarianism helps to fight with extra pounds, because in plant foods significantly less fat and calories.
  2. In this food system, plantCellulose, which is able to stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, as a result of which it is emptied all the time. Therefore, the adherents of this diet do not suffer from constipation.
  3. Fruits and vegetables remove all toxins from the body andSlags, improve metabolism. Vegetarians practically do not face diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. This food contains substances that can kill all the bacteria that result in the disease.
  4. Fruit vegetables are rich in various microelements and vitamins, which are necessary for the organism's life.
  5. In order to cook dishes from vegetables, you need less salt, which is so harmful to our health.
  6. Vegetables and fruits are very many carbohydrates, which are the source of energy for us. That's why the adherents of the vegetarianism are vigorous, energetic and live much longer.
  7. Vegetarians say that if you do not eat meat, you can not only get health, but peace of mind. They amuse themselves by not killing anyone for the sake of eating.

But except for the pluses, in plant diets are very many shortages.

Cons of vegetarianism
  1. Pritaka to the food system you can not make upA balanced diet for myself. Meat and fish are rich in amino acids, which are very important for the body. If they are not in the diet, then a person can lose sight or greatly impair his sight.
  2. The fact that the body needs protein, it is impossible to solveOnly with the help of plant foods. You will need more food and you will not be able to avoid it. From this, the digestive organs will be overloaded, because of this, chronic diseases may occur.
  3. Below the plant origin is much worse than the animal. Proteins of potatoes are digested by the organism by 62-68%, black bread by 50-70%, but proteins of fish and meat by 98%.
  4. The people who were examined by doctors after 7 yearsStrict vegetarianism significantly decreased immunity. So, children should not be fed in any way, so that the child grows well meat and fish.
  5. Vegetarian food will hit harderOn your budget, because you have to eat a variety of foods, so you need to eat raisins, pineapples, dried figs, nuts, dried apricots and citrus fruits, which is not cheap.
  6. Vegetarians are proud of the fact that they do not kill anyone, but scientists have proved that plants feel pain the same way.
  7. Meat is really necessary to eat moderately, but fishIt is absolutely harmless, but the vegetarians refuse from it. Fish is easily digestible protein, calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins, which are really good health. Her acids protect and protect the organization from asthma, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases and other diseases.

Vegetarianism has come to us from ancient times, and people who need to adhere to it need to learn, but it should be remembered that switching to such a food system needs to be thought well and all the thinking.

Tips for Beginners

Those people who thought well and consciously chose such a diet should listen to these recommendations:

  1. Vegetarianism is not only the rejection of products of animal origin, but also a healthy lifestyle, so you should stop drinking, smoking and using drugs.
  2. It is not necessary instead of the meat that you should eat to consume a lot of foods with high caloric value of plant origin. Because of zaorehov, honey and legumes, you can gain weight.
  3. Always take vitamins D and B12.
  4. To all the time to maintain in the body the presenceIron and calcium, add soymilk, mushrooms, nuts, orange juice, green vegetables, buckwheat and legumes to your diet. These products are high in protein, mineral substances of vitamins, they can replace you with dairy products, meat and fish.
  5. Eatepo slightly, but more often, vegetable food is quickly digested (but only non-skeletal cultures).
  6. Fruits and vegetables to eat only good quality, and cut out salads from them only by over consumption, so that the vitamins do not have time to evaporate.
  7. The menu should be as varied as possible. If you eat only two products, then from health problems you can not get away.
  8. Instead of sugars, it is better to eat honey and fruits.
  9. Eat a good chew, so it will be better absorbed.
  10. Do not eat cold food in the winter, be sure to at least a little heat it.
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