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Diseases of dirty hands

Such intestinal infections usually ariseUnexpectedly and destroy everything planned because they have unpleasant symptoms. Doctors unanimously say that all this is due to neglect of hygiene. Also, you can catch an infection if you eat not washed food or stale food.

Microbes can hide on money, door handles,Keyboard, handrails in public transport and on other various subjects surrounding us, which we use daily. Insects can also carry an infection, for example, flies on their paws can carry around thirty thousand menacing health microbes. However, and this is not all the reasons that can cause intestinal infection, this kind of infection can be transmitted by airborne method. Today there are more than thirty dangerous infections: dysentery, typhoid, salmonellosis, cholera and others.

Who is at risk of getting sick?

People who have a weak immune system moreAll are susceptible to this disease, and also people who have gastritis with low acidity, colitis, ulcer or inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract. The risk of susceptible babies and elderly people, they even a small number of microbes can cause the violation of the intestinal tract, nervous system, liver, heart and other organs.

People with good health are less prone to intestinalInfections. This is from the fact that the nature has already awarded them with unique shields that keep them from disease. These shields are gastric juice and bile, which possess a disinfecting property, immunity, microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal peristalsis, and vomiting reflex. If any link of this chain weakens, bacteria and various viruses immediately attack our organism.

Where is the danger hidden?

Dangerous intestinal infections and their pathogens mayKeep their activity in various conditions, for example, in food, most of all in meat and dairy, tamoni and multiply, releasing toxins. Microbes can survive in water, earth and other surfaces that we touch with our hands. This infection can persist at temperatures below zero, which is why it will not be difficult for her to get into the ice, which later will be filled with a cocktail, whiskey, or tequila. Doctors, among all these intestinal infections that are generated by unwashed hands, identified several of the most, so to speak, popular and dangerous:

  1. A disease called dysentery. It proceeds with acute, spasmodic pain in the abdomen, as well as pains in the rectum and frequent urges to emptying, more than ten times a day, with an admixture of mucus and blood in the feces.
  2. This is a terrible word salmonellosis. His companions are vomiting, he has all the symptoms of food poisoning. The body temperature does not increase in the mild forms of this disease.
  3. Enterovirus, rotavirus. These infections are accompanied by multiple stools, there are cases of skin rashes. These symptoms are also supplemented by catarrhal symptoms. They are called - intestinal flu.
  4. Such a disease, like typhoid fever, begins withMalaise and palpable weakness, but for a couple of days the temperature can jump significantly, right up to forty degrees. This disease is characterized by headache, insomnia, constipation or diarrhea, swelling, a rash on the abdomen, breasts, lack of appetite. Some cases may be accompanied by edema of the tongue and even a clouding of consciousness.
  5. Such an insidious disease as cholera is leakingWithout increased body temperature, but with diarrhea. She threatens dehydration. But this disease is almost uncharacteristic for the present, and if it gets sick, then after resting in exotic places.

How to avoid these terrible diseases?

As often wash your hands with soap. If you think that in this way harm the skin, buy a more gentle liquid soap and use an emollient cream. Products should be bought only in the store, if you are making purchases on the market, or at wholesale warehouses, ask the seller for a certificate confirming the quality. Even if you are buying products in the store, pay attention to the expiration dates of the products, study the conditions of preservation and the quality of the packaging material itself. Before eating, thoroughly wash fruits or vegetables, before cooking, be sure to wash fish or meat. If you follow these simple recommendations, you can protect yourself and your family from dangerous infectious diseases of the intestinal tract, the development of which, most often, contribute to dirty hands.

And also remember if any of your familyThere are signs of any of the above intestinal diseases, be sure to seek help from a doctor! He will recommend the drugs necessary for convalescence. Still adhere to the rules of the house: the patient give a separate dish, the rest boil, the other hawks carefully monitor their own hygiene, do cleaning with disinfectants, ventilate the rooms.

And when you go to the amendment, do not rush to all products at once and eat everything that comes to your eyes. Sit on the guts, drink.

Modern medicine has a huge amountWay of pain from an unpleasant illness. So do not risk your health, do not take self-medication, but immediately react! The earlier you learn it, the more you get the help and get better soon.

Remember that you can not try to stop vomiting orDiarrhea, as this is a protective reaction to the infection of your body. Do not block it! Try to compensate for the loss of fluid. If vomiting does not stop, take medication, but only after consulting a doctor!

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