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Identify the disease at the location of acne

The human skin is the largestArea organ, which is responsible not only for thermoregulation, but also is an excellent indicator on which one can judge the presence of health problems. At the same time, the skin can be acted upon by both serious and not very serious problems, starting from the spring deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, and ending with such problems, which can not be ignored, such as hormonal imbalance, abnormalities in the work of internal organs.

In this case, the art of diagnosingAnalysis of the external skin pattern - the procedure is far from the most modern, because even ancient Chinese healers have turned their attention to the fact that the skin is covered with raisins, wrinkles, grows old first of all in those places where internal organs are projected, in the work of which there are certain problems. , To diagnose, carefully examining the skin, you can even do it better than a qualified doctor who has an ultrasound machine and all sorts of new methods of laboratory research and di Gnostics.

Are there rashes on the face?

One of the most common types of acneConsider hot rash, which often occurs during adolescence and is associated with changes in the hormonal background. If the health is okay, at 18-20 years the normal operation of the sebaceous glands is established and the rashes disappear without any interference from outside.

The second critical moment in life is40-45-year-old. As you may have guessed, the appearance of acne at this time is associated with the same hormonal changes that occur in the body of every woman. Dermatology cosmetologists to describe this problem even came up with their own term "menopausal rash". It is sad, pimples of this nature appear depending on the level of saturation of the body with female sex hormones, and most often appear on the face at the end of each cycle.

Acne and other related diseases

As you know, official medicine comparedSotraditional is in its infancy, and therefore can not give a direct answer to the question of what diseases are said acne that appeared on the skin of another skin area. True, it is worth paying tribute to: doctors are studying this problem and are trying to find the relationship.

So, there is no doubt that the pigmentation spots that are formed on the face and almost can not be corrected, there are problems with the liver and with dysfunction of the ovaries.

Did you suddenly see acne on your face? In this case, it is worth checking the work of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver, in a word, all those organs and systems that are responsible for metabolism in the body.

Hence we can draw an obvious conclusion: If you have long finished school, and your age is far from adolescent, when you appear rashes it is desirable to go not to the cosmetologist. The best option in this case would be the approach to the district therapist with a request to write a direction for the examination of the whole organism.

In addition, that the skin reflects ourPhysical illness, its condition is influenced by the lifestyle we lead, and the diet. For example, for rashes on the face are often responsible for such troubles as lacerations. The pimples that appeared on the wings of the nose and cheeks say that the problem needs to be looked for in the small intestine, and the rashes on the temples and forehead testify to inadequacies in the stomach and liver.

If you constantly complain about cracked lips, and the nalbum occasionally have subcutaneous eruptions, it is worth checking the intestine for the presence of slags and microflora problems in it.

Rashes appearing on the forehead, but localized along the lines of hair growth, suggest that the gallbladder is not in order and the pancreas.

But the diseases of the endocrine system, viz., Thyroid gland, epiphysis, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, are indicated by pimples appearing in the nasda, and neck.

Note that distress signals are sent by the urinaryA bubble, it is possible on fine rashes, excessive dryness of a skin. But if the liver is uncontrolled with the load, then acne and even pigmentation spots appear on the forehead or the nose.

Many complain that the localization of rashesIt is quite difficult to determine: acne appears on the forehead, then on the chin, then on the cheeks or the limbs, and sometimes practically on the entire face. Periodicity in the appearance of such a fowl is also absent. This suggests that it is worth at least a few times to donate blood in order to determine the hormonal background, and also to adjust your daily diet.

About malfunctions with the kidneys can be judged by the swollenCenturies, most often observed in the morning. But if you notice that the edema is localized to the outer corners of the eyes, it makes sense to check how the cardiovascular system works. The problems with the heart and blood vessels are indicated by reddening, the swollen tip of the nose.

Problems in the female sexual sphere are projected onto theFace as a rash on the chin. It also makes sense to contact a qualified gynecologist if the skin on the chin is noticeably redder than in the rest of the face. Such external changes can be evidence of chronic inflammation of the urogenital system.

As you already understood, acne should not be considered an ordinaryPhenomenon - when they appear, it is advisable to consult a doctor and undergo a general examination that will help to identify hidden problems and treat diseases at their initial stage.

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