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Correct breakfast for effective weight loss

How to be: eat in the morning or not?

Many women and girls who aspire toIdeal body, think that a full breakfast is extra calories that prevent weight loss, so they prefer to just have something to eat. This is a mistaken opinion.

At night we sleep, and the body works, digestsAll the food we ate throughout the day. Our energy goes to the fact that the cells are renewed, and the organs and tissues are nourished. People do not eat at night, but there are, of course, situations when they get up at three o'clock in the morning to drink some water and at the same time eat a sandwich.

That's why in the morning we wake up feelingHunger, even when we do not want to eat. Our cells feel this, because they are weakened, a lot of toxins have gathered in them and there is very little water left, and in order for the body to start working, it is necessary to have breakfast.

Do you still think about eating in the morning or not?

Method number 1: Do not have breakfast

Not a day or two before, in an hour you'll notice,How much you are annoyed and displays outrage. The brain has lowered the glucose level, and you have not replenished it, so the brain does not like it, it gets angry and emits pulses to activate the metabolism, glucose is sharply excreted from the liver of the mouse, so you feel weak.

When the glucose is completely out of whack, then youFeel an insuperable feeling of hunger ezdeet much more than necessary. The products will not be healthy and useful, but those will fall under your arm, because you will be so hungry. As a result, get overeating and excess calories on the hips, buttocks and stomach.

Method number 2: Tightly breakfast

Every morning you will drink different juices, coffee, eatMuesli, buns with poppy seeds and condensed milk, chocolate sandwiches. Do you think this is useful? It only seems to you! These are light carbohydrates, which sharply increase the level of sugar in the blood.

As a result, the gastric gland beginsTo produce insulin, and all this sugar is deposited in the form of fat in our hips and waist. And due to the fact that glucose very quickly turns into gourd, you again want to eat, and dinner is not soon, so start again "to shake" sandwiches, eating extra calories.

Method # 3: Correct breakfast

This option is suitable for nothing else. You will not feel hunger, and will be casual, without harming the figure. How to choose useful and correct products? In the morning, there is not always time to cook special dishes near the stove. The right breakfast is not necessarily a long time to cook.

Products that you need to choose for breakfast slimming

What is the main thing for breakfast? Get enough calories to work the body and balance useful substances. In your diet should be and fats, proteins and carbohydrates with fiber, but all in a little.

The first part of breakfast is complex carbohydrates,Which can be in the form of starch or glycogen. You can eat warm porridge or oatmeal on water or low-fat milk, natural muesli without any additives. To this, you need to add protein in the form of cutlet steamed, boiled chicken or eggs. Instead of meat products, you can eat dairy products.

Fats should also be present. It is very good if it is a good butter or vegetable. Fruits and vegetables must be in your breakfast. You can make a cut or salad.

If you are used to not having breakfast in the morning and you do not want to be hungry, then at first eat fruit and a half of the egg, and so slowly get used to eating in the morning.

It is useful to have a cup of naturalCoffee, but in no case not soluble. You can drink a blackhead, it also helps to lose weight. Learn to drink tea and coffee without sugar and cream. They are of no use.

There are several myths about what you need on theBreakfast, and what not. Especially television and magazines impose to us that it is necessary to drink orange juice in the morning, bread is used instead of bread, and amuses are generally the best breakfast. Now you will understand that all this is in fact not the case.

  1. Orange juice. Naturally, it is very useful, it contains a large amount of vitamin C, but no freshly squeezed juice can be used for breakfast. They contain amino acids, which irritate the gastric mucosa and we have a sense of feeling. In addition, the acids destroy the tooth enamel. Boston scientists found out in general a staggering thing: women's daily orange juice is harmful, because the possibility of joint diseases increases by 40%.
  2. Yogurt. Many argue that if you eat it in the morning, then you will have increased immunity, there will be no disruption in the work of the stomach and intestines, and the microflora will be filled with useful bacteria. It's just an advertisement. Yogurtnikak can not affect the immune system, but kefir is much more useful for the work of the stomach. In very many yogurtahnets, not that there are living and beneficial bacteria, but there are no dairy enzymes at all. Virtually all yogurts are made from dry powder, thanks to which they can be stored for a long time. Fruits and berries, which must be fresh, they are only in the form of preservation and syrup. In addition, they add dyes, sugar, substitutes and flavorings. So when choosing a yogurt, remember that the shelf life should be less than 2 weeks.
  3. Muesli. What is better than their breakfast you will not find, complete nonsense! To make muesli, they process croup, which at the same time loses all the useful properties, the dried fruits that are in the muesli are generally treated with sulfur gas. So they look sleazy, but it is not recommended to eat. After this, the flakes of fry will be treated. French nutritionists found that some types of muesli have a higher percentage of fat than in fast food. Therefore, the best way is to replace the cereal with oatmeal and add the freshly frozen fruits.
  4. Bread. Better than bread can only be bread from whole grains. They can be eaten, because they satisfy hunger and contain vitamins and trace elements, but they do not have any flavor. But those that are salty - you can not eat, because they have a lot of additives and calorie content is equal to the calorie content of regular bread.
  5. Fatty syrup. You do not have to give it up! Cheese and truth contains a lot of fat, but it's much more useful. Even doctors say that people who are ill should necessarily bring it into their diet.
  6. Bananas. It is not necessary to refuse them because of the caloric content. In this fruit, a very small percentage of acidity and in the morning it will tidy your stomach. Of course, do not lose 5 pieces, but one will not bring you any harm, but only a benefit, to the same he makes the brain work.
  7. Brown sugar. True cane sugar is more useful than white sugar, it contains a lot of trace elements, but it is not cheap to get it hard. And that brown sugar, which you see in supermarkets, is actually the usual white, which is repainted with treacle.

Examples of a useful and delicious breakfast:

  • Oatmeal with raspberries, black natural coffee, toast with butter and cheese.
  • Buckwheat porridge with vegetables and cutlet steamed, black hour with lemon.
  • Casserole with cottage cheese and apples, green tea.
  • Steam omelette with cheese and dill, coffee.
  • A small pita bread with boiled chicken and tomato, a glass of berries.

In no case be refrained from breakfast. Proper and healthy nutrition gives you energy for vigor, but not superfluous centimeters on the hips and waist.

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