/ How can I notice heart problems on time?

How can I notice problems with my heart in time?

A very big advantage is that external manifestations can affect heart disease, so they can be tracked and corrected on time. Here are some symptoms that you need to go to a doctor:

  • If you have shortness of breath, it means that the blood stagnated and notSnap of the sea. At first it is noticeable only after physical exercises or any other loads, and then simply at rest and after eating. So you can earn cardiac asthma.
  • If you have cyanotic skin color, again there is not enough oxygen and a low level of hemoglobin.
  • Puffiness is when no liquid comes out of the body.
  • A rapid heartbeat happens when the heart is hard to miss the blood and oxygen.
  • Quickly get tired, the brain activity decreases.

If you read the above and found something in yourself, then you need to know that every heart disease has 3 stages of development.

  1. You experience problems after exercise and physical exertion.
  2. The work of the heart is broken and thus affects a small circle of the circulatory system.
  3. You notice the disease itself, and the body is exhausted.

With a heart you should not joke, it will not heal itself,And the disease will improve in the afternoon, so immediately as you notice the symptoms, go to a specialist. A good doctor will examine you and prescribe a treatment, and if you start a disease, then you will need much more time or even to go to hospital for treatment and rehabilitation.

Here are some more signs that you have an unhealthy heart:

  1. Pain in the neck. If you pull the neck, then go to the cardiologist. People who managed to survive a heart attack, they say that it all began contracting pain in the muscles. Usually they do not pay attention to this, but most of all they listen to pains in the chest. And the heart transmits pain signals from the spinal cord, as they extend to the shoulders and neck. You will not be able to remove this pain with the help of massage or compress.
  2. Sexual disorders. If you have problems with erection, remember that this is a sign of ischemia. Men with such problems need to immediately send to the doctor.
  3. Fainting, dizziness. Lack of oxygen in the blood that enters the brain. When there is not enough oxygen in the heart, it can be painful to inhale deeply.
  4. Pain in the ear or jaw. If the jaw hurts, do not put it off again, thinking that it will soon pass. This is a clear sign that there may be a heart attack or development of ischemia. Such pain basically smoothly passes vuho and sharply differs from a toothache. Pay attention mainly to the left side.
  5. Pain in the abdomen, nausea, upset stomach. Especially in women this can be signs of a heart attack. This can be caused by an excess weight that blocks the way of blood to the heart. The stomach or the chest area may ache, depending on which part of the heart there is no blood.

From a myocardial infarction, most of all men suffer, but women can also.

Male symptoms of the chest:

  • Stomach upset.
  • Pain in chest, left arm, back and neck.
  • Spasms in the neck, burning and rezi in the chest.
  • Fast heartburn, cold sweat and weakness.

Female symptoms of the chest:

  • Extraordinary fatigue.
  • The respite.
  • Cold sweat.
  • Fear and fear.

Women do not feel pain vhruji, but for men this is the most important sign of an attack.

Remember that our body is only one heart, so you do not have to endure the pain, wait for a while, or even worse, treat yourself at home.

Specialists will always give you a helping hand, they will examine you and prescribe a treatment course. Do not experiment with your health, so that there is no deplorable consequences.

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