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Osteoarthritis arthrosis: symptoms, treatment

Ankle joint is most susceptibleTrauma, since it has the greatest load - the mass of the whole body. Very often arthritis and arthrosis are observed in people who have problems of the musculoskeletal system, in particular osteochondrosis, lumboeishalgia, intervertebral disc herniation in the lumbar spine.

The development of the disease lies in the fact thatThe tissues forming the joint gradually begin to degenerate. Microscopic injuries and malnutrition in the hyaline cartilage lead to its thinning, and with loss of strength it undergoes cracks. Calcium salts deposited in these cracks lead to even more destruction of it, the bone tissue that participates in the formation of the joint grows, which leads to its deformation (deforming arthritis).

Diseases of the joints can be divided into two types -It is degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory. It is common to call degenerative-dystrophic diseases medics arthrosis. With arthrosis, all the elements of the joint and the cartilage itself and the joint membrane, ligaments, periarticular muscles and bone are affected.

Symptoms of arthrosis

  • Stiffness of movements

  • Restriction of mobility

  • Pain in the depth of the joint (increases with load, decreases - at rest)

  • A crunch in the joints.

Causes of development of arthrosis

  • excess weight

  • Injuries

  • Hormonal diseases (in women often in the menopausal period and after it)

Inflammatory diseases of the joints areArthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint, it differs from arthrosis by certain symptoms and course of the disease. The main difference is acute pain, which becomes unbearable during movement, changes the shape of the joint, redness and swelling in the area of ​​the affected joint (possibly a rise in body temperature)

The reasons that can serve developmentArthritis, are similar to arthritic, but they can also add to the metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins, allergic reactions, infections, diseases of the nervous system.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

For the diagnosis of ankle diseasesJoints, doctors prescribe radiographic studies, in some cases to clarify the diagnosis - tomography, as well as the analysis of periarticular fluid and a detailed blood test.

At stages of an exacerbation for treatment applyA medicamental method that aims to relieve pain and inflammation (analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids). For external (local) use often prescribed ointments and rubbing (with analgesics).

Physiotherapeutic procedures (electrophoresis, phonophoresis, ultrasound) are also prescribed, using these procedures, micromassage is performed in the affected tissues, which helps improve the nutrition of the joint.

In any case, self-medication is undesirable, it is better to contact a specialist, because a timely diagnosis is the first step on the road to recovery.

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