/ Are you ready for the next family replenishment?

Are you ready for the next replenishment in the family?

True, no matter how hard we try to plan a family,Sometimes plans crumble when a new pregnancy occurs. Odnizhschiny with great enthusiasm perceive this news, even if the previous baby is at an early age. But some people do not even want to hear anything about replenishment in the family, even despite the persuasions of relatives.

What complexity would be unavailable for parentsThe appearance of the first child in the family, with the second child at best will be just as hard, if not heavier. And to these difficulties, it is necessary to prepare in advance. So is your family ready for the next replenishment?

Understand yourself

To assess their degree of preparedness for the emergence ofIn the family of another child, evaluate all your needs and needs. Do you really want a baby? Are you happy at the thought that you will soon have another family member? Or maybe you decided to give birth as soon as you are afraid that your age will not allow you to do it later? Or do you simply want children to be close in age and play together?

Calculate your strengths

Be sure to assess the reserves of self-sufficient energy. Think, who can help you with the children: spouse, parents, sister or other relatives? Are you ready for the fact that after the appearance of another child you will have almost no free time left?

Opinion of the spouse

One of the most important factors thatWill directly affect the decision taken, are your relationship with the spouse reliable and his opinion of the addition to the family. Does the husband of the child want? Be sure to discuss this with your husband before the final decision is made.

Remember, frank communication with the spouse, the ability to make decisions together and find compromises is very important if you want your family to be friendly and strong.

Will the baby help to get closer?

Some couples mistakenly believe that birthThe child will strengthen the family. If you are experiencing difficulties in the relationship, most likely, an infant who will tire you both will only exacerbate the problems, which will further increase the tension between the spouses.

Do not forget about your child.

When a family already has a child, his interests alsoMust be considered when planning the next pregnancy, since the appearance of another small family member is not only joy, but also stress. It is clear that after the appearance of infants will no longer be able to give the child the same attention as before. Therefore, necessarily prepare the child for the appearance of a brother or sister, so that he does not try to jealousy the baby or feel unnecessary and did not think that his parents no longer love him.

If your child is not yet three years old,Be prepared for the fact that he does not want to share his parents with someone else, so jealousy still can not be avoided. A small competition for the attention of parents between young children is quite normal, so parents should simply prepare for possible difficulties.

Financial position

Before taking a decision on the recruitment in the family, be sure to evaluate your financial possibilities, since the appearance of the child is associated with very high costs.

Think whether there is enough room in your apartment. Of course, at first the baby will spend most of the time carrying out his crib, which can be placed in the parents' bedroom. But you need to understand that in the near future the child should have his own children's room or at least a large room so that the children can be accommodated together.

Of course, you are expected to spend a lot. But you can save a little by using the clothes and clothes of the previous child. At the same time, always think about the future, because children will not always be left small, so spending will increase with time. So, do think about the financial side of the issue. If you understand that the appearance of another child will cause your family to exist on a small sum of money, then it makes sense to postpone this important event a little.

If you are ready

If you are determined that you are ready toIn the family, it is necessary to solve a number of organizational questions. If you have a small child, you must have someone to help during pregnancy, as the energy will become much less.

At 7-8 months of pregnancyStart preparing your baby for the appearance of a brother or sister. Previously, active preparation should not begin, because young children do not like to wait, and nine months is too long for a small child. There are a lot of good books that will help visually explain to the kid that another small person will soon appear in the family.

The appearance of a baby is not very importantAn event for parents, but also to some extent the stress for the child growing up in the family. When you buy different things for the baby's future, do not forget to give small gifts to your child. Always remind that you love him and in no case cease to love, no matter how many children you have not appeared.

If you plan to move to a more spaciousApartment, then you need to think about this in advance. It is unlikely that you want to repair and arrange a home in late pregnancy or with a baby in your arms. Even if you do not change your place of residence, plan the space before the appearance of the baby, so that after his birth have the opportunity to be engaged only in the family, without being distracted by extraneous problems.

Approach to planning pregnancy competently andSeriously, together with your spouse, carefully weigh the pros and cons. In this case, the next replenishment will bring joy to everyone and even more rally your family.

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