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Psammoterapiya - therapeutic effect of sand

The action of the sand bath

Sand is composed of sand, which hasGranularity of two or three millimeters, thanks to which a large thermal conductivity is ensured. In the warm form, sand uniformly envelops the entire body, providing a beneficial effect for pain and spasms, while, in addition to thermal, mechanical stress also exerts.

Plus, everything, he instantly absorbs himselfSecreted by the skin sweat, which removes the body of many toxins, due to which the thermal procedure is transferred easier, the effect of high temperatures that affect the skin and the protection against overheating is reduced.

Temperature directly adjacent to the skinSand is equal to 37 degrees, but the tops have a temperature that is an order of magnitude higher. Strong perspiration of the patient is caused by hygroscopicity and heat resistance, due to which the blood and lymph circulation of the whole organism is activated. The therapeutic effect that occurs at this point is similar to the effect of water, mud and hot air baths.

The effect is the mechanical pressure on the skin by the sand, affecting the nascent and lymphatic vessels - a soft massage of the skin occurs, and the nerves of the skin are irritated.

The temperature during this procedureIncreases by 0,6 degrees, blood pressure is approximately 30 mm, the pulse accelerates somewhere for 12 strokes, and therefore faster breathing. If the temperature of such a bath is about 50 degrees, the weight is lost by about 0.5 kilograms in just one session.

As it is established, this procedure results inThe norm of the kidney function is the distraction of the blood flow, increases the excessive sweating, stimulates the oxidation and nitrogen exchange in the body, has an analgesic and soothing effect on the body.

Sand treatment

Sandwich should be taken every other day, inThe course should include about 15-17 procedures. On the beach for this you need to come in the afternoon, then, when the sand warms up to 50 degrees. The sand bath should be taken at an air temperature of between 17 and 21 degrees. It is important to remember that the wet sandbox is suitable for treatment. And the skin of the body should be absolutely dry.

Before proceeding to the procedure, prepareImagine a bed - a hole, so that the size of your eaves with your height - about two meters. You have to lie on your back so that your head is a shadow from the umbrella. Anyone who will help you in this, should sift you with sand, the thickness of the layer which should be about five centimeters, but in the abdomen this layer should be no more than two centimeters. Head and heart area is not recommended for sleep.

To avoid a heat stroke,Head folded in several layers of the towel, apply a handkerchief on the forehead, which must be periodically moistened with cold water. The time of such a session should not be more than half an hour. Immediately after the end of the treatment, it is necessary to rinse with warm sea or river water, sit for half an hour in the shade, sipping some cold drink. And only then it will be possible to swim and sunbathe. But if you notice that your condition worsened during the procedures, there was a palpitation, do not continue the treatment with sand baths. In this case, you need to put a cool compress on your head and on your chest.

Seanspsammoterapii can be taken in medicalInstitutions in which baths filled with therapeutic sand will be heated by electric heaters. Takiesance, especially in the winter, you can organize at home. For this, you need a sand, pre-poured into cotton sacks, heat in the oven. Then perminute for thirty to put on the skin and take cover with a warm blanket.

Indications for treatment with psammotherapy

Baths of sand have a very soft on the bodyAction, due to which they can be applied even to children aged more than three years and people of advanced age. They can be used even when there are contraindications for taking mud therapy. Cardiovascular diseases also have no contraindications to the treatment of the sandwich baths. Very useful are these procedures for the following diseases: the presence of chronic jade, exudative diathesis, various joint diseases, respiratory organs, periphery of the nervous system, the presence of rickets and poliomyelitis, gynecological diseases and excess weight.

A large bath and effect will bring such a bath with rickets. The result of this procedure is a tanning of the skin, signs of anemia, stomach disorders and the increase in muscle strength will disappear.

There are also contraindications

  • Malignant or benign neoplasm, even suspicion of their presence is important.
  • Active form of tuberculosis.
  • Bleeding and insufficient blood circulation.
  • Atherosclerosis in pronounced form.
  • Epileptic seizures.
  • Hypertensive crises.
  • Diseases of the heart.
  • Uterine fibroids, endometriosis, mastopathy, hormonal failures of any kind.
  • Three days before the start, three days after, and during menstruation.
  • Exacerbations of any diseases. The procedures can be prescribed only during periods of remission.

Hot healing sands

Any song has a unique propertyHeat absorption and its preservation. It is possible to conduct thesesamsammotherapy on the hot seashore. If such treatment is used in a sanatorium-resort institution, then such treatment will be performed in a complex, that is, alternating it with other balneo-therapy.

Traditionally, such treatments are conducted on the coastsWarm southern seas. Since the end of the 19th century and in the Baltic resorts, this therapy has been applied. Practice it and away from the sea coast. In Germany, for example, such clinics with sand, which is heated artificially, are arranged everywhere.

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