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Spinach juice: composition, properties and benefits

Modern scientists in the course of numerous studies have revealed many useful properties of spinach. It contains many vitamins, microelements, as well as proteins of carbohydrates.

In France, spinach is called the "broom of the stomach" and"The king of vegetables." Spinach is grown in every corner of France. The French love him for being able to activate the digestive system and at the same time has excellent taste qualities. A juice "broom stomach" restores and normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Composition of juice of spinach

Sokshpinata - a real treasure for the bodyRights. It is rich in calcium and copper. It contains vitamins C, K, E, provitamin A, iodine, natural antioxidants, folic acid. The composition of spinach juice includes manganese - an element necessary for the quality work of the brain, nerve endings, thyroid gland, normalization of the functions of the reproductive system. In addition, manganese is necessary for the production of hormones of happiness and for the composition of blood and bones, and also it helps to look at the skin and hair healthy. Substances contained in spinach juice, contribute to the normal operation of muscles, especially the heart. Using sokshpinata, you can strengthen the immune system and the walls of the intestine. Shshpinatpomogaet and with problems with eyesight. Spinach contains oxalic acid, and its spinach more than in potatoes 8 times and 64 times more than in tomatoes.

Useful properties of spinach

Raw spinach healthilyGastrointestinal tract. Have a general strengthening, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Doctors recommend daily use of spinach juice for food with a view to preventing vitamin deficiency. Spinach juice and people with a depleted nervous system, with lung diseases, gastritis and other digestive problems are good. Spinach juice is an auxiliary substance in the treatment of blood diseases, benign and malignant tumors. The juice of spinach has beneficial effects on the skin, hair, teeth and gums. It is a means of prevention of periodontitis of iinguivitis. Also promotes hair growth and prevents their fragility.

Sokshinata should be consumed right afterCooking, at this point in it many vitamins are preserved. You can store the squeezed juice in the fridge, not the fat. If you store it more, the juice from the beneficial will turn into a poisonous one. Due to the activity of microorganisms in the juice, nitric acid compounds are produced which can provoke the appearance of methhemoglobin in the juice, a substance that can cause nausea, headache, dizziness, general weakness of the organism in large quantities. If the amount of spoiled juice is more, the consequences may be more dull, there may be shortness of breath, cramps, heart rhythm disturbance. But do not worry, all these properties do not apply to freshly squeezed spinach juice.

How to drink spinach juice

If you decided to do sociotherapy, and simplyTo be treated with spinach, consult with a doctor, and take the juice under the supervision of a specialist. Daily you can take no more than 300 milliliters of spinach juice. If you drink it more than normal, then you can provoke bowel weakness.

The most curative property is rawFreshly squeezed juices, the same applies to spinach. Before you squeeze the juice, get the spinach from the refrigerator somewhere in half an hour, so as not to squeeze the juice out of the cold spinach or then unheated it or drink it cold. When spinach acquires room temperature, it must be thoroughly rinsed, dried and then squeezed out. Warm up the juice can not. Because when heated, some of the useful substances are evaporated.

It is useful to use Sokszpinata for those who haveSevere form of constipation. After drinking juice for 4-5 days, you can get rid of this problem. To strengthen the immunity, and indeed the whole body as a whole, the spinach juice should be mixed with a slurry in the proportion: one tablespoon per glass of juice. Drink the mixture 2-3 times a day before meals. The juice of spinach is good because it is natural. The substances contained in tablets, drops and other chemical laxatives, often aggressively affect the body, and sometimes cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you have constipation, do not rush to go to the pharmacy for drops, or better buy spinach, squeeze juice and drink.

Contraindications and reception of sokaszpinata

Spinach selects all the strength in August-September,Therefore, the juice squeezed out in these months is the richest vitamin. Leaves should be young and fresh, unscrupulous bug-cockroaches. It is in these contains many useful things.

People suffering from urolithiasis, gout,Kidney disease, liver, colitis and the violation of water-salt metabolism, spinach juice can not be consumed. Because it contains in large quantities oxalic acid. But people with the nervous system weakened spinach juice just in time.

The highest concentration of vitamins andMicroelements in the juice will be in the first ten minutes after the squeeze. Juice does not require filtration. But when people take it with disruptions in the activity of the stomach and intestines, as well as people with acute respiratory diseases, then it is necessary to filter out the juice. Juice can not be used as cooked, as well as heated, as oxalic acid is crystallized and settles in the kidneys, thereby creating problems.

Therefore, use the mind of spinach juice, follow the doctor's recommendations when using this miracle juice, and be healthy.

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