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Refined and unrefined vegetable oil

For a full-fledged diet, vegetable oils are simplyAre needed! They contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which protect cells from negative effects and destruction, they have a sea of ​​vitamins and nutrients.

How can we choose the oil that will benefit our body?

Lubyomysla is divided into refined andUnrefined. Literally a few hundred years ago, unrefined oil was considered second-rate or a product for the poor, but nowadays everything has changed, it is unrefined, the most healing and useful, and the refined one says that it has no useful properties left. So where is the truth?

The use of various oils depends on the composition,The ratio of acids and fats - it does not change after refining, which means one thing - the benefits of oil should not be measured by refining, because there are completely different degrees of it and you need to be able to understand them.

For what purpose does the oil refined?

It is appropriate for the purpose of refining oil,If the refining does not affect the composition? This is done in order to make the oil neutral, almost tasteless. It may seem that this is not necessary, but it is not necessary to generalize, in fact, oil is used to prepare various dishes, absolutely different to the conscription and the way of preparation. To fill a salad and some snacks better than all the butter unrefined, because these dishes are not exposed to the temperature and oil can give the salad additional taste qualities.

If you use unrefined oil forCooking hot dishes, for example, for baking or when frying, then the oil will do more harm than good, after all, smoke, fuel, foam - and it all has an unpleasant taste and smell. If the food is overcooked, unrefined oil can form harmful substances in food, especially if the temperature during cooking is high.

What is the difference between unrefined and refined oil?

They differ not only in taste. Refined oil, for example, does not smoke and does not apply foam when cooking hot.

Frying in oil

To make the refined oil smoke, it is necessary that the frying pan was caked. The temperature when the oil is smoked is called the smoke point and the specified oil, these points are different.

If we fry something and the oil starts to burnAnd smoke, it contributes to the formation of carcinogens, and this is very harmful. For example, acrolein is the simplest aldehyde, which is formed in evaporation by an over-heated frying pan, it is able to exert a toxic effect on the mucous eye, and also irritates the respiratory tract, which can lead to various inflammatory diseases.

If a person who cooks food will breatheVapors of acrolein, then vitoge will earn a bunch of chronic diseases, and the quality of the dishes will not be at an altitude. So, when frying, use only refined oil and do not overheat the frying pan.

The second generation of oil smoldering produces otherHarmful compounds. For example, polymeric acids and radicals, which remain on dishes. If you frequent these dishes, you can get chronic health problems, even development of oncology.

Brown on a fried potato, which weJust adore, contains acrylamide. This substance has carcinogenic properties and is capable of destroying DNA. The greatest amount of this harmful substance is formed when deep-fried - such food, for example, is the main dish in McDonald's.

That only does not contain overcooked fish or meat! For example, heterocyclic amines are formed inside the piece, which contribute to the development of cardiac diseases. And in the hot, which burnt, polycyclic carcinogens contain a lot of carbon - it happens when the oil is used not for the first time, and besides, if they cook on a heated frying pan.

Peroxides are carcinogens, they are also formedWhen frying with sunflower oil, which is very common in Central Russia. Therefore, the best way to cook on olive oil, it almost does not form harmful carcinogens. No wonder the Mediterranean diet is the most useful, because it is based on olive oil!

So which oil is more useful: refined or unrefined?

All the same, consider that the most usefulVegetable oils are unrefined, which are obtained by cold pressing at a temperature not exceeding forty five degrees. These oils are rich in color, smell, with a real natural flavor. The beyond is indescribable! But it's worth remembering some rules.

Do not store unrefined oil in warm places,In the light or in the air - it will all its benefits, will acquire a murky shade, become bitter and will be completely unappetizing - all this will bring not benefit but harm!

Maslonafinirovannoe has a short shelf life, this is its main disadvantage and therefore store it in the refrigerator in a glass bottle, do not use it when the expiration date expires.

In stores you can meet more often refinedOils, they have a long shelf life. But no matter what the producers say, refined oils almost do not contain any vitamins and nutrients - especially those that processed high temperatures up to two hundred degrees. That's why, probably, the producers say that it can be stored in the light, and that it will not be destroyed, and in fact, there is nothing to spoil!

Even ancient doctors realized rejuvenating andMedicinal properties of oils used in treatment and cosmetology. Therefore, if you follow all the above recommendations, you can achieve amazing results! Be careful and choose only fresh and healthy oils! With all the diversity it is important to know everything about this or that oil!

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