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Cucumber juice and its benefits

PaulBregg is a popular Americanthe scientist-dietician said that the juice of cucumbers for us is indispensable, it is capable of dissolving poisons that accumulate inside us for various reasons. There have been cases when people who had stones in the gallbladder, took cucumber juice and stones with ease dissolve! Take preferably 0.5 liters of cucumber juice a day. However, such treatment should be dealt with only under the supervision of the doctor.

Chemical composition of cucumber juice

The sokogurtsa consists of many usefulelements, but relatively in a small number. Here are the vitamins and elements in its composition - A, E, C, PP, B and H, iodine, essential oils, phosphorus, tartronic acid, magnesium, sodium, iron, chlorine, calcium and potassium. Chemicals, although present in small doses, are valuable for those who follow a diet or simply monitor their health, a rejuvenating effect it was discovered by our ancient ancestors.

Useful properties of cucumber juice

Ogurechnyksok often used in cosmetology, achieving excellent results. Imagine how it works on the body, if such an amazing effect on the skin!

It helps to normalize the acid and alkaline balance. This is necessary not only in the treatment of diseases, but also for general prevention.

If you are sick of the stomach or intestines, heart andvessels, in your organism the norm of potassium and sodium goes out, and the juice from the cucumber is able to remove sodium, because it is also an excellent diuretic.

If you regularly eat cucumberjuice, you will soon notice that the hair grew more active. It is even more effective to combine the juice of cucumber and juice of carrots, spinach or lettuce. In a mixture of carrot and yogury juice will help with rheumatism, the development of which contributes to the accumulation of uric acid.

Cucumber juice is very useful if you are disruptedblood pressure. Sostabilizes the pressure, both low and high. Still it is necessary to apply juice if at you ischemic heart disease, it will calm nerves and will help to restore ekdetidism.

The borage can be taken as in pureform, and mix with different vegetable and fruit juices - in combination, they will increase the benefits of each other. Cucumber juice can be combined with apple juices, black currant, grapefruit, with tomato and garlic. Juices should only be freshly squeezed. Combine is recommended in this proportion: for twenty pieces of cucumber juice, one piece of garlic.

Ogurechnyksok actively used in folk medicine, with its help, heal sores and wounds with a thickening, since it has a powerful antimicrobial property.

With the help of it you can take off various swelling,use for different types of water. Juice can reduce pain with various colic, it is recommended for pripechenochnyh diseases, jaundice. With jaundice you need to take half a glass of fresh berry juice daily. Especially useful is the juice of bitter cucumbers, although not everyone knows it, its healing properties are much more effective.

If you have a cough, then in order to get phlegm, take the juice of the cucumber, mixed with honey, in the proportion of two to three tablespoons two to three times a day.

A cucumber can be drunk about a liter a day,but no more than one hundred milliliters of zapryem. The taste and useful action of the juice will be stronger not only when you make it fun with other juices, it will intensify if you add kefir or dill to it.

Sokogurtzov contains easily digestible iodine, which is why it is useful to take with inflammation of the thyroid gland and to prevent its disease, it will prevent hyperthyroidism and withdraw excess cholesterol.

If the metabolism is disrupted, skin problems have appeared, there is a way out - use a mixture of cucumber and carrot juice.

A cucumber, except for a diuretic, has andlaxative action, so if you suffer constipation, take on an empty stomach for a hundred grams of juice. If the constipation is persistent, then every day, two or three times before eating, drink a mixture of a glass of sokaogurtsa and a tablespoon of honey.

If you take the rule of constantly drinking cucumber juice, you will notice a positive change in the condition of the nails, teeth and hair, which begin to grow even with baldness.

Nogtiuchreetsya, if you make a bath for them,mixing cucumber juice, salt and beer. These baths need to be done three times a week. Squeeze the juice from cucumber, mix half a glass of juice with the same amount of beer, always fresh and a little warm, add a teaspoon of salt, mix until a uniform consistency and put your hands there for fifteen minutes.

Application of cucumber juice in cosmetology

Modern cosmetic brands thatmake creams, tonics, lotions and the rest of the skin care products, also use cucumber juice. Its amazing properties will help to rid the skin of acne and pimples, to remove freckles and pigment spots.

Squeezing out cucumbers is not difficult at all, enoughuse a press or a juicer. It is important to remember that it should only be consumed fresh, so the cocoon very quickly spoils and can cause poisoning.

Sokogurtzov approaches to application almost to allwithout limitation, but there are all the same pairs of moments that are important to consider. If you have an ulcer, kidney stone, cholelithiasis or gastritis, then before you take a cucumber juice, consult a specialist doctor.

In addition, a few more tips:

When picking cucumbers, pay attention to the skin- it should be a uniform dark or light green color, it all depends on the variety of the vegetable. Cucumber should be hard and heavy, without damage, stains and lethargy.

Cucumbers are very delicate vegetables, so thequickly lose taste and beautiful appearance. Keep them exclusively in the refrigerator, the tamoni can be stored for up to twenty days. Another important point - store the gourds in tied packages.

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