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Dependence of useful properties of products on their color

Absolutely any fruit, if fresh,Attract by their beauty, but how should you prefer to not only enjoy their aroma and amazing taste, but also to make the most of your health? The most simple and simple way - pay attention to the color. It is the color that shows the usefulness of this or that product, and what health problems can be solved with the help of the product.

Orange and red products

The most important color is red, it does not activateOnly psychological processes, but biological. Repeatedly each of us has heard that people who prefer red are leaders, and in nature such a leader is beta-carotene, which in our body is reincarnated as vitamin A.

Vitamin A has a huge number of usefulProperties, but the most important are the antioxidant ones. They prevent the formation of cancer cells, supports vessels, vision and slow the aging process. Beta-carotene paints vegetables in orange rather than red, but for example, sometimes carrots are almost red, which signals a high content of beta-carotene in it. A bright orange color has an orange, a pumpkin, and the color is brighter and more saturated, the greater the amount of carotene.

Every day, there are two hundred to two hundred and fiftyGrams of steamed, steamed or baked vegetables to satisfy the daily requirement for beta-carotene. You can also eat raw vegetables, but it's better with butter, since vitamin A is fat-soluble.

Lycopene antioxidant, givingFruit is a bright red color. It is, you can say, a carotenoid, possessing the strongest anticancerogenic qualities. In addition, it reduces the body's content of harmful cholesterol and promotes better heart function. It is present in tomato, red pepper, watermelon, guava, grapefruit, etc.

Flavonoids are biologically active substances,They include anthocyanin - a colorant of a natural character. He paints vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors: blue, red, purple, orange, brown. The color change depends on the acid-base balance of the products. Fruits with a predominance of alkali anthocyanates in blue, and products with a neutral medium - in purple.

Violet Products

Anthocyan is necessary to our brain, it is capable ofTo stimulate the ability to learn and improve memory. It contains in sufficient quantities such fruits as blackberries, black grapes, blueberries and red cabbage. If these products are dried or frozen, their useful qualities are not lost.

Buraktozhe has burgundy, purple or purpleColor, due to flavonoid naming of betanidine. It helps the body absorb vitamin E, protects it from destruction, it can normalize blood pressure, prevent cardiac and vascular diseases, and also cancers. If the burak grew in ecologically clean places of non-chemicals, then it is capable of even removing heavy metals and radionuclides of isorganism. The eggplant also has a similar effect, which is also bright-violet. To preserve useful betanidine, vegetables should be baked rather than fried or cooked.

Yellow vegetables and fruits

Fruits that have yellow color contain a usefulA citron that colors the lemon in a slightly yellow color. It helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels and cell membranes, maintains the balance of the necessary enzymes, stimulates digestion and treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Products containing this element include the apples, light grapes, corn, melon, potatoes.

It is best to eat such fruits raw, but if it is impossible, for example, as in the case of potatoes and corn - cook them for a couple, bake or boil.

Green products

Fruits that are green, contain a lot ofChlorophyll. Its action is necessary for the immune system, blood, and also for good work of the intestine and stomach, strengthening the teeth, bones. Chlorophyll helps to remove toxins from the body, heals wounds, protects us from bacteria, due to which will keep the organism in its tonus.

Greens and fruits should be eaten raw or with minimal heat treatment. Green foods are spinach, broccoli, dill, green leafy vegetables, parsley.

Kromenih very useful and will be legumes,Such as beans, lentils and peas, especially if they have a dark color, and many more cereal. For example, American scientists have established a very interesting fact. It consisted in the fact that small red beans contain a lot more antioxidants than other varieties and other vegetable crops. Legumes and cereals contain dietary fiber that help lower cholesterol levels in our blood, and also contribute to the prevention of hypertension.

There are vegetables and fruits that are very richUnsaturated fatty acids. This is an olive and avocado. They contain multivitamin D and healthy fats. Thanks to this, they help to maintain the health of the hair, nails and skin and also contribute to the assimilation of carotenoids by the body.

Fatty acids are also saturated with some fish. For example, tuna, herring, sardines, salmon. They contain Omega 3 acids, which protect our cells. If you regularly feed such a fish, the beneficial properties contained in it will support the brain's activity and help to relieve stress, prevent depression.

White products

Dairy products and milk itself are white,They are very useful and necessary. They help strengthen muscles and bone tissue. Adults are best not to use milk, ajazhenka, cream, kefir and curdled milk, cheese, sour cream. Milk is best for small children.

Knowing this information, you can revise yourRation and include in it those vegetables and fruits that bring the greatest benefit! After all, to monitor your health with the help of natural and natural food!

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