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The influence of hormones on the weight of a person

Hormone leptin

Greek word leptos means slender. Gormonleptin is responsible for our appetite and sense of satiation with food. It is he who gives a signal to the brain about whether there is enough reserves in the body. And if the level leptinaponizhaetsya, our brain signals that you need to fill the stores of fat. Therefore, there is a desire to have a snack, and as soon as possible.

It follows that if the levelLeptin in the body, it is possible to recover from obesity once and for all. But in people who are overweight, levelleptin is much higher in the body than in slender ones. Perhaps this is justified by the fact that the body of a complete person becomes not sensitive to the kleptin, and because of this it is produced by the body in overestimated amounts. Akak only weight is lost, and the level of this hormone decreases.

The level of leptin may decrease if youConstantly nedosypaete. That is why people who sleep less than seven hours are prone to obesity. To bring the level of this hormone back to normal, you need to include in the diet of fish and other products.

The hormone estrogen

Estrogen often causes the deposition of fatIn the lower part of the figure of young women, and in mature men and women, post-menopause on the contrary - in the upper part, the abdominal region. It is believed that excess weight is gained due to a lack of estrogen in the body.

The drop in the level of this hormone is quiteNaturally, it begins one year before the onset of menopause. This can be seen by increased craving for the young. The level of estrogen content decreases, so the body is trying to get it from fat cells, which it stores more and more. Along with this, the female body lowers testosterone levels, which can be noted in lowering muscle mass. Since it is the muscles responsible for the fact that the fats are burned, the fewer of them, the more fatty deposits. That is why, after forty years, it is much more difficult to overcome excess weight.

Hormone cortisol

This hormone and its influence is not at all unequivocal. It serves as an anti-stress, but it includes oneprocess of protection, others it stops. It is because of this that some people in nervous situations have a significantly increased appetite - this is the organism of copsilus in order to withstand stress. The speed of the metabolism process also decreases because of cortisol - this also contributes to the preservation of energy in order to overcome stress.

A person can influence the production of the hormone cortisol, so when you want to seize the stress, you must avoid the source itself. Also help any relaxation techniques: yoga, dance or meditation.

Hormone adrenaline

Adrenaline is a relative of cortisol, since he, tooHas an effect on metabolism, but in a slightly different way. Cortisolstimulates the body's response to stress, adrenaline stimulates the reaction to a highly emotional stimulation.

The action of adrenaline also differs, heForces the metabolism to work faster, which will contribute to the breakdown of fat. And because of the combustion of fats, the temperature of the body can be slightly increased. And when there is ryssoudrenalin - the appetite decreases. However, there is a regularity - the more a person weighs, the weaker the body produces adrenaline.

Hormone insulin

It is produced by the pancreas and in responseFor the regulation of sugar content (glucose) in the blood. Its effect on the body turns excess sugars fatty deposits. If the body is disrupted insulin production, the person suffers from diabetes. In simple words, all this is due to the intake of sugars and starch in the body, whereas the pancreas overstrains and its work deteriorates. Do not abuse products that have a white color, so as not to gain excess weight and keep the normal operation of the pancreas.

Hormones are thyroid

If there is a shortage of thesehormones, then the function of the thyroid gland is disrupted, which contributes to excess weight. If these hormones are developed too actively - it will also lead to hyperfunction of thyroid gland, and this is also a violation.

To the thyroid gland worked normally, the body needs iodine, which is contained in the iodized salt, as well as in various vitamins and iodine-containing supplements. It is very useful to combine iodine and selenium.

Ghrelin hormone

It is produced by the stomach and gives a signal to the brainthe condition of hunger. The production of ghrelin contributes to the increased consumption of kilocalories. Fructose stimulates the production of this hormone. It contains corn syrup, juices and drinks with gas. Therefore, if you eat foods that contain an elevated level of fructose, the feeling of hunger will also increase, and consequently you will overeat.

If you analyze all this material, you canto conclude that people who can not lose weight, first have to do a blood test for hormones, which will help you to know which hormones are in excess, and which are not enough for the normal life of the organism. If you find a deficiency of some hormones, sometimes you just need to change your diet, schedule and start taking vitamins and minerals, which you should appoint a doctor.

Correction of hormonal background is necessary, but withoutinitiative, as this may lead to deterioration. Pharmacies are full of a huge number of drugs that contain estrogens, they also help in correcting the hormonal background, but if there are no clearly expressed symptoms. Although these drugs can be purchased without a prescription, they should be picked up by a doctor! Do all actions only on the advice of a doctor!

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