/ How easy it is to get up in the mornings in the winter

How easy it is to get up in the mornings in the winter

The mood is very important

Everyone knows that early rises, especially inWinter time is a problem. Hearing the alarm clock in the morning, do not try to fight it, try on the contrary, it's sweet to stretch and think about something pleasant. It is very important to try to overcome yourself. This is quite difficult, but in the event that everything works out, you will become much easier, because you can feel your will power and get huge immoral pleasure from it.

In the morning, standing in front of the mirror, smile andWish yourself a pleasant day, and also say: "Today is a great day, and I - the most-most!" Attitude to yourself and to others directly depends not only on your mood, but also on your physical well-being. Smile, after all there has come a new morning, all depends on you, what emotions will be accompanied by the come day.

Nedosepsum in itself will not pass

Colombian scientists have been shown thatIs capable of provoking intensive weight gain. Among people whose sleep lasted no longer than two or three hours, the level of obesity was higher by 73% than in people whose sleep duration was the norm. And 23% of people, whose sleep lasts a total of six hours, are also raised.

Before going to bed it is recommended to take a relaxingBath. It is very important to fall asleep with the thoughts that the coming day will bring you a lot of positive emotions and you will be able to accomplish something that your hands have not reached for a long time.

It is worth paying attention to what is neededTo get enough sleep. After a lack of sleep leads to a decrease in efficiency, as well as, consequently, a bad mood. Sleep will be much more pleasant on a clean set of sleeping beams, radiating freshness. The room should be pre-ventilated, in this way, sleep to you will come much faster. A healthy sleep, as a rule, must have an eight-hour duration.

The important charge of physical exercise

Easy physical exercises will help you start the morning of the long-awaited Monday. Try to stretch your legs, hands and whole body - this will help you cheer up, which is very important for the first working day.

According to recent studies, such a hormone,As serotonin stimulates a good mood, since it is an excellent antidepressant. Promotes the development of this substance a small walk or tireless exercise.

You must always observe the measure. Some scientists believe that excessive morning stresses can be unsafe for a human organism. The thing is that in the morning time of the day, serotonin antipode - cortisol, which is a hormone of stress, is produced in bulk amounts. Due to excessive loads in the morning hours, it increases its production doubly, which can suppress the body's immune system.

Procedure for water

It is quite an invigorating remedy thatRefreshes and zakalivaet body. You can take a normal or a contrast shower. First, it will help you to wake up faster, and secondly, thus supporting the tonusorganism, as well as opening the pores of the skin, hardening occurs.

Since we have a day full of differentEvents, the shower will help to energize us for a long time. In the mornings it is recommended not to wash with plain water, but with an ice cube. Instead of water, you can freeze the green tea or aloe juice.

Contrast shower affectsJoints and vessels, thereby training thermoregulation. In the same way, physical exercises that train muscles are also effective. The contrast shower is also useful for cleansing the skin, because under the influence of warm water, the pores expand, and with cold compress.

Periodic expansion and narrowing of blood vesselsChases blood through the blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation, strengthening processes in tissues and organs, freeing our body of toxins. It is worth noting that scientists have identified a relationship between the moral and physical purity.

Good rest is very important

It is very difficult to enter the put working rhythm inponedelnik.Dlya that you are not bothered by the thought of the upcoming work week, on the eve of sleduetvecher build such a way that he took all your thoughts libobolee something interesting and enjoyable.

Get ready technically for the upcoming weekIt is possible by day, picking up clothes, shoes and necessary papers. And the evening is worth devoting something more pleasant, for example, a favorite. You can have fun and evenly enjoy the evening, so that during the next working week you will be warmed by pleasant memories. Sunday evening can be planned as a trip to the theater, to the cinema or, perhaps, as a trip to nature with friends.

Full-value breakfast

In the mornings, full-value nutrition is very important. Dietitians believe that breakfast should be in half an hour from the moment of awakening. It is useful to know that in bulk quantities serotonin is found in oatmeal, bananas, chocolate, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, strawberries, dates.

People whose work is directly related tointellectual activity, very useful sweet in the morning. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates also have the ability to increase serotonin levels.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee should be consumed in moderation, sincethe excessive presence of caffeine in the body can cause fatigue. Green tea, which contains extra large amounts of caffeine, can help with arousing an excellent awakening.

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