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7 rules of sleep for beauty

In order for you to wake up in a good mood, and the skin looked fresh and relaxed, you should observe several basic rules.

The first rule. Sleep a person should be about 8 hours a day. Those people who do not sleep or suffer from insomnia, grow old much faster and the life expectancy of such people is less. Senses into several phases: 1 phase - the stage of a half-conscious drowse; Phase 2 - sound sleep; 3 phase - transition to a deeper sleep; 4 phase - the phase of the deepest slow sleep; 5 phase - fast sleep. In order to better relax and restore the body, you need to have a phase of deep sleep accounted for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Awakening should be at 8 o'clock in the morning. But because of the modern crazy rhythm of life, it turns out quite often. Therefore, you need to take yourself for a rule, go to bed at the same time, preferably until midnight, so that sleep is more effective, and waking is easier.

The second rule. Proper nutrition.Many people are mistaken about the fact that you can eat only up to 18 hours. This is not true. The last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime. However, it is worth remembering that in this meal you should eat light food, preferably of vegetable origin. For example, you can eat fruit salad, stewed vegetables, cottage cheese or light soup. You can not eat sweet, baked, fatty, smoked and salted (salts the liquid in the body, which can cause bags under the eyes). By adhering to this rule, you can not only sleep well and calmly, but also keep your figure slim and the digestive system healthy.

The third rule. A bit of feng shui. The bedroom is the abode of sleep. A bed is a place to sleep. Therefore, in the bedroom it is not recommended to work with documents, place your workplace, put a computer or TV, and also let the guests. The bedroom should create an atmosphere of tranquility, relaxation. And if you work in the bedroom, do paperwork, then you will be disturbed. If you are used to sleeping during the day, it is better to do it, for example, in the living room on the couch, because the bedroom is a place for sleeping at night.

The fourth rule. The rule of a comfortable and correct bed. If you are still sleeping on a huge high pillow, which grandmothers always gave to us in childhood, when we came to visit them in the village, then give it up. A high and very tightly stuffed pillow is the cause of a double chin, a headache in the morning. Ideally, the pillow should not be very soft or very tight, it is important to find a middle ground. The cushion should be high, its approximate height should be equal to the distance of the neck to the end of the shoulder. In this case, the load on the neck will be uniform. The cushion should not lift the shoulders. But you can not sleep without a pillow, it can lead to the appearance of edema. The mattress on which you sleep should be hard enough, bedding is desirable from natural and natural materials, the bed should be spacious. In order to sleep was more deep, in the bedroom you need to create a good blackout, it is under the influence of this body begins to fall asleep.

The fifth rule. At the time of sleep, hair can not be braided into tight braids,Make tails, curlers and pull them with rubber bands. This leads to inadequate supply of the head and hair bulbs, which contains oxygen, from which the head may be ill in the morning, the hair will grow very slowly and be cut off. If you are accustomed to sleeping with stuck hair, then the best option is to braid not a tight braid and to harden it with a tight rubber band. As for the hair curlers, you do not need to do them for the night. Not only that, having wound hair in front of a responsible exercise, you will suffer all night, and even sleep bad. The next morning you can simply make a thermalbug and fix the hair with special means.

The sixth rule. Physical activity, sports activities shouldEnd 3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the person will not be able to sleep for a long time, because it will be difficult for the body to switch to a quiet "wave." Sports activities are best done outdoors, during physical activity in the air, there is an active saturation of the oxygen in each cell of the body, which will help make sleep stronger.

Seventh rule. On a dream it is necessary to be arranged. Before going to bed is not recommended to make noise, swear, watch TV, work with documents or sit at the computer. You can take a shower or bath with soothing aromatic oils, for example, with lavender oil. Just lying on the bed, you can read a book. The optimal temperature for sleep should be about 18 degrees. Therefore, before going to bed it is necessary to ventilate the room.

Following these simple rules, you will sleep likeChild, it is easy to fall asleep and get to a good mood, and also not to suffer from insomnia. Your skin will get a healthy glow and look fresh. If you suffer from insomnia and do not feel like falling asleep, but you do not get it, then follow up with a doctor who will determine the cause of this condition. Sweet dreams to you.

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