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Luminotherapy: properties, use, side effects and contraindications

Properties of luminotherapy

Documentary information is distributed inWho talked about the benefits of luminescence at the time of seasonal depression. According to three studies that were conducted in 1997, 1999 and 2005, artificial light has a favorable effect on the symptoms that are characteristic of seasonal depression.

The first study describesConfirmed the fact that luminotherapy is a separate method of therapy. It can also be used as an additional treatment for disorders that are seasonal and have a psychotherapeutic basis.

In the second study, it was proved that luminotherapy was on par with the antidepressant, the same effective.

The third study involved people,Having signs of seasonal depression. The sessions of luminotherapy should be conducted five times a week, two weeks in a row. After a certain time it became clear that the condition of fifty-four percent of the subjects improved. It is worth noting that these improvements were maintained for more than a month after the termination of procedures.

It is worth mentioning that experts say thatThe use of such therapy as the only method of treatment, most likely, will not give a result. And in the case when luminotherapy is used in the complex, together with the use of medications, the improvement in the state of health is quite pronounced.

Influence on quality

Luminotherapy plays an important role in regulationDaily rhythms, therefore, has a beneficial effect on sleep. In various experiments, it was revealed that luminotherapy really helps in improving quality, and also eliminates numerous problems associated with the difficulty of falling asleep or early awakening.

Problems that are caused by violation of the regime

With the help of some clinical studies,It was found that people who have undergone luminotherapy sessions do have noticeable improvements in the general state of the body, as well as the discomfort caused by the change of hourly belts or forced night work, has noticeably decreased. It should be noted that it is possible to confirm this position definitively by conducting additional numerous tests.

Influence of light on bulimia attacks

There is also evidence that luminescenceIs most effective if directed to typing with bulimia, in contrast to placebo. Although some researchers argue that they could not prove such properties of this therapy.

Side effects and contraindications of luminotherapy sessions

It is worth noting that although side effects inThis area is quite rare, it must be remembered that they are all there. To nimotnosytsya such ailments, as insomnia, headaches, nervous state. Carefulness sessions of this therapy should be used for people who have such eye diseases as glaucoma, retinitis, macular degeneration, as well as diseases that can affect the retina, for example, diabetes. Luminotherapy is contraindicated during treatment with drugs containing lithium.

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