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Detoxification or easy life

Detoxification - eliminating the body from toxins(They are chewing). Not only our state of health, but our mood depends on the state of the intestines. Headache, rapid fatigue, frequent colds, bad skin, brittle nails and hair, allergies, depressed or irritated (including depression) - is often the result of intoxication. That is, your body needs a general cleaning, which should start with the intestines and detoxification can help you in this. Today, the detox program is noticeably broadened. The choice, as a rule, depends on the finance, free time and the set goals.

By all means

Global detoxification, of course, is betterTo spend nakurortah. You can, for example, go to Europe, where practically every country has original methods of recovery. The minimum course, as a rule, takes a week. The traditional best result is 21 days. Each resort has an individual and unique program, which is adjusted for each client (taking into account his wishes and health status). For example, one of these programs is the author's method of Dr. Yaroslav Mikula. Its main goal is to strengthen the immunity, improve metabolism and rid the body of all excess (starting with toxins and ending with extra kilograms).

The program includes:

  1. Detoxification of the body by Dr. R. Brois.
  2. Detoxification of intestinal hygiene by Dr. F.K. Mayr.
  3. Regenirovanie and tempering the body with the help of the treatment of Sebastian Kneipp and Vincent Prisnitsu.

Of course, the above-mentioned names probably have little to say about, but all these people are the founders of the most effective systems of not only healing, but also rejuvenation of the body.

The course, approximately, looks like this: Morning and evening tea on herbs (horsetail and nettle),At noon, tea of ​​sage, mint, balm and St. John's wort. Twice a day, juice from vegetables (mix of mustard, beets, carrots or potatoes, black radish). Three times a day, there are diuretic and relaxing substances and massage to activate the intestines. In addition, Charcot's shower, hydromassage baths, oxygen therapy, wrapping and exercising on a stationary bike. All this is carried out under the strict control of doctors.

The result: You lose weight, at the same time your overall condition improves. In the role of the bonus is a healthy complexion and skin.

Worthy alternative

She is. And, by the way, in several variants. In the first place, it's dietary supplements. Secondly, a sauna or a bath. Thirdly, salon procedures and, fourthly, salad and a few not complicated tricks. Now about everything and in order.

Give additives!!

Supplements (dietary supplements) at allAre not a medicine, although they are sold in pharmacies. They can not cure anything, but you can improve your condition. The first additives appeared in the US. They became a reaction to the popular American aphorism: "Balanced food - a hamburger in each hand".

The main direction of dietary supplements is cleansing the body. Additives of good quality have a mild diuretic laxative effect. Thanks to herbs and various types of fiber, they activate the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the growth of healthy microflora of the intestine, bind and absorb toxins, slags, cleanse the blood, lymph, kidneys, liver, and skin.

In other words, dietary supplements are the most valuable detoxWith the effect of weight loss. But it is worth remembering, if you are taking any antibiotics, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the combination of these preparations with food supplements. All lies in the fact that the majority of BAA has plants whose interaction with antibiotics gives a negative result.

During the course
We must strictly adhere to the timing and doses of admission. Drinking water (not less than 3 liters per 70 kilograms of weight) - the more you drink water, the faster isorganism wash out toxins. And from the diet should be excluded from sweet, smoked, fatty and alcohol. Do not skip the next pill. -BAD works like a whole system.

Warmer, even warmer

Sauna or bath - an effective and easy wayDetoxification. Through the skin 60% toxins are removed, and through the intestines - 30%. Therefore, the better the sebaceous and sweaty glands function, the purer the organism. So, stock up the scrub, washcloth, ethereal oils and the steam room! Having set the goal detox, do not hurry to apply all kinds of cream to the skin. Use honey instead (15-20 minutes rub it with massage movements, and then wash it off) - it draws in toxins.

Salon measures

In the beauty centers and salons there is a very extensive detoxification program. Here it is necessary to distinguish hydrocolonotherapy and cleansing coagulation.

Hydrocolonotherapy - an apparatus for cleansing the intestine and a thickGuts. One irrigation efficiency is 30 enemas. The method is not very pleasant, but effective. Minus, along with the slag all the useful microflora is washed away. True, then do special placement. The course includes 6-7 sessions. Compositions and solutions in this case are virgin - medicinal herbs, Karlovy Vary salts, etc.

Contraindications: Acute hemorrhoids, pregnancy.

Wraps with the effect of detoxification very much -They all normalize the metabolism of the vtkane and stimulate the slag-causing effect. They achieve this with the help of many different products: minerals of volcanic sedimentary origin, algae and much more.

The most effective procedure is a bandage wrap "Minus 9 centimeters". In fact, this is a computer. The bandage is moistened in a special algal solution and wraps around the whole body.

Detox at home

Drink more water, juices, green tea and infusions fromHerbs. Bigger and move, which improves the work of the intestines. Eat more beets and prunes. Food always chew slowly - frequent glitches in the process of digestion are that we always hurry when eating. Some detox programs even teach you how to chew properly.

If the sauna and bath are not available, eat jam fromRaspberries and wrapped in a duvet, after which you must necessarily sweat! Regularly fight with stress. Include in the diet ballast products (cereals, vegetables, fruits) - they support the work of the intestine.

Detox Salad

Cabbage, carrots and beets shinkuem (cabbageShould be dominated), get out before the appearance of juice and add a little lemon juice, vegetable oil (we do not use olive oil) and finely chopped and soaked prunes. We do not salad salad.

Light detox -Salat for dinner.

Serious - Unloading days, when except for the salad mineral water is allowed.

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