/ How to get a correct and graceful posture?

How to get a correct and graceful posture?

Checking the correctness of posture

  • Sit down, between the chest and waist should enter the width of your two palms.

  • Become your back to the wall so that the distance from the wallUp to the heels it was about 7-8 cm. With the correct posture, the back of the neck, shoulders, buttocks, will touch the wall and the gap between the wall and the waist will not be more than the thickness of the palm.

  • Become your usual position and measure your waist. Then lift up the chest and measure again. The resulting difference and show what work to do the muscles for a beautiful posture.

The rules of graceful posture

  • Take your shoulders back, draw your belly, breathe in your chest.

  • Keep your head straight: the chin line should be parallel to the floor.

  • When you stand, keep your back straight

  • When walking, make steps average or shorter, but not very frequent, they should be "alive"

  • Turning while walking, turn the body slightly earlier than the legs.

  • Sit down on chairs with a flat back, descend immediately and smoothly, without creating a bend in the lower back. Sit up straight. Knees keep together.

  • When you write at the table, lean forward from the waist, keep your back straight.

  • Sitting in the car, do it sideways, andDo not head forward. First put one foot in the salon, bend your knees, do not bend your back, sit quietly and easily move the other leg into the salon. When you get out of the car, gently push toward the door, bend forward a little and put your foot on the ground. Lightly push the other foot and go out nicely.

Psychological training for the acquisition of correct posture

  • When walking, imagine walking on a rope lying on the floor, one leg in front of the other;

  • Imagine that on your head you carry a jug of water, do not lower it so as not to spill water;

  • Imagine that your stomach and back are tightly sandwiched between books that are standing on a shelf;

  • Imagine that you are a doll on invisible threads and a puppeteer pulls your body up;

  • Imagine that your body consists of children's cubes, placed on top of each other and if you do not keep straight, they will crumble;

  • Imagine yourself a model walking down the catwalk and showing the clothes, the camera lenses are looking at you and you just do not have to slouch.

Psychological training leads constantly and at any position of the body: standing, sitting, while walking. To carry them you need only a little imagination and imagination.

Correct position of the body for a beautiful posture

Stantespina to the wall, touching her with the following sections of your body:

  • Head, without lifting his chin;
  • Shoulders, slightly unfolding them back,
  • Elbows, but not the wrists;
  • Buttocks;
  • Calves of the feet, if possible;
  • Heels.

Straighten the chest, move the chest forward and up.Fix this position of the body. Get off the wall. That's how you should carry yourself. With this exercise, you will have a beautiful bend of the spine, the chest opens.

Physical training to get rid of stoop

All exercises should be done every day 5-10 times in a couple of minutes, slowly and rhythmically to the sensation of easy elasticity of the muscles.

  1. Stand up straight, start your hands behind your back. Take your shoulders back, lift your chest. Grab the left wrist with your right hand and press it to the back with the back side, increase the tension, as if trying to "break through" them through the back. After a few seconds, relax, then repeat this exercise 5 times.

  2. Sit on the floor with your back to the wall, do notCave in so that all the vertebrae touch it. Cross your legs. Arms bend a rectangle in the elbows and lift to the level of the shoulders, attach them to the outside wall. Pull your arms above your head up while not tearing them from the wall.

  3. Lay your back on the floor, bend your legs inKnees, feet are on the floor. Press your hands to the floor with the palms to the level of the shoulders, bend them with a rectangle in the elbows, so that they are dropped from the elbows down the floor. Simultaneously, straighten the legs on the floor and stretch your arms along the body, while pulling your stomach. Fix this position for 10 seconds, then relax.

  4. Lie on your back, bend your knees,Feet stand on the floor. Hands stretch behind your head with your hands palm up. Press the lower back to the floor, pull in the stomach. Fix this position for 10 seconds, then relax.

So, in order to get a beautiful playful posture, you should systematically devote a little time to physical and psychological training and never forget to keep your back straight.

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