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12 Losing Weight Losses

The first error that prevents weight loss

Most often, women like the basic rule of allLosing weight: do not eat after six evenings. You do not need to keep it all in a row. Each organism is unique, it is precisely your body that responds to such obvious violence, it is not known. It is possible that you are by nature a "night owl", it is hard to wake up early in the morning, and feel your form start only for dinner. Naturally, you go to bed much more comfortable later. In this case, of course, there are six after and it is possible and necessary. Observe only a few recommendations: there is a need for two to three hours before sleep, asama food should be light and non-caloric.

Second mistake: only lunch and dinner

This error is observed by those who have just started to lose weight. It is not necessary to eat a lot of food at a time. This stretches the stomach, leads to its increase. Also for the digestive system is much easier if the food is used in several receptions, which allows the stomach to work better. Eat often and in small portions. Organism will gradually get used to the fact that you are saturated with small portions. The intervals between meals should be about 2 hours, this is the optimal time. If in the beginning you find it hard to control yourself, then try to get your alarm clock on your cell phone for every two hours.

False: TV

This is one of the most common harmful foodHabits: eating food while watching TV. The body is not focused on food, but is diverted to various interesting programs, and you can not control the amount eaten. This also applies to reading newspapers, working at a computer. Eating food is a separate, independent process, during which one should not be distracted by everyday affairs.

Mistake fourfold: I'm running, running, running ...

The modern rhythm of life is such that you constantlyHurry, then to work, then from work, then to different parts. Naturally, food in a hurry, on the run is bad enough for the body. If this happens to you more often than once a month, then you should not worry. And when you snack a day later, you should sound an alarm. Nutrition should be enjoyed, well trying each piece, without being distracted by other processes. Drop this habit, the only thing you can eat on the run are the apples.

The mistake of the five: infatuation with low-calorie products

Praised nuts, dried fruits, bread and muesliOften do more harm than good. These foods also contain calories, despite the apparent simplicity. The same can be said about fruits. Sweet fruits have an increased calorie content, and acid irritates the gastric mucosa, which leads to increased hunger. For small snacks choose vegetables, they are safe for both figure and health.

Error weight loss six: juices

In juices, there are a lot of calories, and it does not evenProduct, but just a drink. And if even more and take into account the high content of preservatives and sugar, the picture turns out to be uncomfortable. If you are so fond of juices, then prefer natural freshly squeezed, they are not only dietary, but also safe.

Seventh error: little water

To ensure that the body is cleansed of toxins andUnnecessary products, in due measure it needs clean water. The rule of two liters operates without fail. Daily it is obligatory to consume two liters of pure water, coffee and tea are not considered. Non-carbonated mineral water is well suited.

Errors: tasting

Family members, and even with a child heavierlose weight. Daily cooking is impossible without tasting. In addition, young mothers gain weight in the event that they finish eating the baby. Do not do this - this is the way to excess kilograms.

Errors: the metabolism.

Oh, already this mysterious phrase "exchangesubstances "... Why does someone lose weight much more quickly, although he uses the same number of products? Everything depends on the exchange of substances. To improve it, eat more lemon, green vegetables, legumes, seafood and liver. A fractional food in small portions improve the latent metabolism.

The 10th error: lack of sleep

If you do not get enough sleep, then sugar in your bloodincreases. For health, it is imperative to sleep soundly at least 8 hours a day. In addition, a sleepy man man of increased appetite and he constantly wants to eat.

Eleventh error: sport and weight

If you go in for sports, then watchchanges in centimeters, and not in kilograms. If your muscle mass increases, this is due to fat burning and regular training. It is possible that you are losing weight, it can even be seen visually, but the weight remains the same. In addition, 70 kg can look different. If the girl regularly goes to workout, then 70 kg is a beautiful, tight and healthy body. But 70 kg on a girl with excess weight - this is both cellulite and stretch marks.

Twelfth Losing Error

For weight loss, only the restrictions innutrition and exercise. Pay attention to daily lifestyle changes. Sit-togethers with girlfriends, food before the TV, festive feasts do not contribute to weight loss. Take a walk in the fresh air, play outside, lead an active lifestyle-in this case, losing weight will bring you joy.

If you constantly break, then the bodywill get used to such a pendulum as a drop in weight and, consequently, the effect of diet and exercise will become less and less full. Even if you have managed to find the ideal figure, it may be a problem to keep it. Do not sit on rigid diets, do not starve, tirelessly exhausting workouts. Losing weight should bring joy. Take care of your health!

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