/ / Agar-agar or food additive E 406: properties, use in medicine and for weight loss

Agar-agar or food additive E 406: properties, application in medicine and for weight loss

Properties and application of agar-agar

Agar-agar, in contrast to gelatin, has a number ofZhelaty.Zhelatin - a protein, which by special technology is digested from the tendons, cartilage, bones and skin of animals. Is it unpleasant to use such a product? A agar-agar is a derivative of marine algae. This fact will be of interest to vegetarians, since they recognize only food of plant origin. Since agar-agar is not a product of "live" cuisine, it will not be of interest to "raw food".

It should also be noted that the E 406 in comparison withGelatin does not have a smell, therefore in dishes it is absolutely neutral, does not interrupt taste qualities of the main ingredients and at the same time gives the dishes jelly properties. Another advantage of agar-agar before gelatin is its caloric value, or rather its absence (ie 0 kcal). Agar-agar is not metabolized by the body, whereas in 100 g. Product with gelatin contains 355 kcal.

However, the useless transit of agar-agar throughThe stomach does not pass. This food additive for the human body is a prebiotic - in our intestines live microorganisms that feed on it, thanks to such nutrition they multiply and build up a positive microflora. Also these microorganisms process agar-agar into amino acids, vitamins and other useful trace elements.

Agar-agar contains coarse fiber in a largeQuantity, due to which toxins, heavy metal salts, slags are eliminated from the body, thus, effective cleaning of the liver from harmful components is ensured. Moreover, this food additive copes well with the problem of increased gas formation in the intestines, adjusts the acidity of the gastric fluid and envelops the walls of the stomach. It was also noted the beneficial effect of E406 on increasing immunity, lowering blood cholesterol and stabilizing the glucose level. Moreover, this nutritional supplement in our organism exports useful elements, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, iodine, manganese, phosphorus, zinc. Useful elements in turn stimulate the functions of the thyroid gland and improve metabolism.

In medicine, agar-agar is used as a lungLaxative, which is not addictive. The effect of this additive is based on the property of the vegetable substitute itself - agar-agar in the stomach swells and begins to press on peristalsis. By the way, because of this property to people suffering from diarrhea, agar-agar is contraindicated, except when the patient before the use of agar agar consult a gastroenterologist.

Agar-agar for weight loss

Today we are talking about diet schemes forAd-agar agar account. Already even the book of Elena Stoyanova (academician) "Agar-agar. For a hunger, a trap. " In her book, the author not only described the healing qualities of the vegetable gelatin substitute and the method of weight loss with the help of adagar agar, but also gave readers many recipes for useful and tasty dishes, based on food additive e 406.

When correcting the figure, the main secretThe use of agar-agar is its proper preparation. Gel agar agar must necessarily occur in the stomach. To achieve this, you need to dissolve 1 gr in a cold water pipe (take one glass). Food additive and bring the boiling point, then boil for about 1 minute. You can use another way - add the food additive to the water just before boiling, but also boil for 1 minute. Ready drink is recommended to drink hot before meals (for 20 minutes). The daily norm of agar-agar is no more than 3-4 gr., And in this case indigestion begins.

Food supplement, as soon as it entersDigestive system, turns into a jelly that fills some space of the stomach, thus creating a lasting sense of satiety, due to this, a good slimming effect is achieved. As a result, we consume less calorie food, but this cleanses our body, resulting in lost extra pounds of weight.

With the aim of losing weight, this food supplement canBrew more pharmacy chamomile or decoction of lime, in any fruit juice, and not only in cold water. When brewing food supplement E 406, it should be remembered that if vinegar, chocolate or oxalic acid is added to the liquid, it can not thicken the liquid.

Agar-agar has truly amazing properties- A plant substitute has found its application, even with anti-cellulite-blooming. For this manipulation, the food additive (1 item spoon E 406) is mixed with camphor oil (20 drops are taken) and egg yolks (2 pieces are taken). After a thorough mixing, the mass is applied to the problem areas of the skin, then the polyethylene film is overcladded. This mask should be kept for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off the skin, and any cream is applied to these areas. After ten procedures you will notice how the volume of the hips has decreased by 2 centimeters, and the skin has become smooth and even, the effect of the "orange" crust has disappeared.

Food supplement E 406 is sold in stores inSections of dietary products. Also, it can be purchased in the department of goods intended for Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Well, in online stores of a healthy diet.

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