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L-carnitine: application, efficacy, side effects

With a restriction in diet, increased body loads lead to a lack of vitamin B, which is involved in the metabolism of fatty acids. Carnitine (same vitamin B or B11) Is necessary in order to maintain muscle function in a normal state. Vitamin B11Mainly contained in meat products, whichbecause of their calorie intake are not included in any diet. In this regard, it is advised to use L-carnitine (a biologically active additive) - a compound of vitamin-like substance W and amino acids.

L-carnitine (25 g) human disorderIs synthesized in the kidneys, liver, brain. As experts believe, this amount of L-carnitine can cover only part of the daily requirement of the body in vitamin B, namely only 10%. On the day of the organism, in the usual state, 200-500 mg is required, under stresses and / or physical loads, up to 1200 mg is required. The rest of the amount of vitamin B should be taken along with the food. Its source is meat, fish, poultry, cheese, milk and cottage cheese.

What gives an additional method of L-carnitine?

This drug increases fat burning by tenpercent (its main property), thanks to the drug retains muscle mass, improves cellular metabolism. L-carnitine helps the body cope with psychological and physical stresses. Thanks to the additional intake of L-carnitine, the body's immunity increases, mental activity becomes more active. Moreover, L-carnitine protects the nervous system, and the human body from the toxin of ammonium, which is synthesized during metabolism. It does not allow the level of sugar in the blood to decrease, that by observing diets or curative starvation relieves the feeling of hunger. The constant reception of L-carnitine will strengthen the heart muscle and increase physical endurance, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol.

L-carnitine deficiency leads to chronic fatigue, irritability, cardiac dysfunction, obesity, intolerance to physical exertion and hypertension.

History of the drug L-carnitine

In 1905 the Russian scientists Gilevich and Kimberghave opened a new drug - L-carnitine. However, for a long time the drug was produced in limited quantities, which is why it was practically impossible to get it in a free sale. Although in the very beginning it was proved that it is an excellent digestibility and universality. Already in the 1980s, the production method of L-carnitine was improved, in the process, manufacturers refused to use meat in production. Such a refusal significantly reduced the cost of the drug, which made it possible to produce this drug in large quantities.

Today the drug is produced in different forms: as bottles or ampoules with a liquid preparation, as a proportion of complex dietary supplements, which are specially developed in order to speed up the process of losing weight.

L-carnitine for weight loss

Weight loss is possible not only ifTo limit the organism in nutrition, it is also possible to lose weight from systematic physical loads. An excellent result can be achieved if the diet is regularly trained and at the same time take L-carnitine, which allows you to increase the fat burning by 10%. Each training should last at least 30 minutes. It is very important to follow a simple rule: before training and after training it is impossible to have two hours. And to knock down hungry stomach cramps and a feeling of hunger, it is necessary to take L-carnitine, which lowers blood sugar levels. The fact that the drug itself does not lead to weight loss, the drug should be combined with exercise and proper low-carbohydrate nutrition.

Because of a low-carb diet,less energy, then under physical loads the body begins to store fat reserves into energy. And then L-carnitine comes to the rescue - it accelerates the reincarnation of the fat stores into energy. During the experiments it was established that in order to obtain the best fat burning effect, it is necessary to take 1200 mg of the drug before and immediately after training.

As you can see, the drug helps only those who do notlazy, non-sports hall drug just useless. That is why those who wanted to lose weight, but did not want to trouble themselves, did not change the habitual way of life, was frustrated in it. In the sports nutrition industry, this drug takes an honorable place.

Who else should take L-carnitine?

In general, L-carnitine is found in meat, withit comes into the human body. If during medical starvation or carrying out a diet, you have to give up meat, then this leads to a sharp decrease in the incoming L-carnitine into the body and to produce additional energy during the fasting time the body has to burn protein. To do this, it is necessary to take a food supplement of L-carnitine.

This nutritional supplement is also suitable for vegetarians. The presence of kidney and / or liver diseases also requires additional doses of L-carnitine.


Contraindications for this drug a little. The drug can not be taken with severe gastrointestinal lesions.

Side effects

As some manufacturers add to thedrugazrazlichnye flavors, then there may be various allergic reactions. Also, insomnia is possible, but it occurs if the drug is taken in large doses. But with this side effect you can fight, especially when you consider that L-carnitine significantly reduces the way to losing weight and today there are many ways to combat insomnia.

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