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Ionophoresis: results, advantages and essence of the procedure

The principle of action of iontophoresis

If the word iontophoresis is translated word for word, thenYou get "ion transport". For the basis of this cosmetic procedure, the properties of the electric current were taken. Ionophoresis in itself combines the influence of cosmetic substances and galvanic current. Cosmetic products are introduced with the help of ethanol. It was proved that the influence of low-voltage current and force is capable of changing the properties of cell membranes, the permeability of the skin is significantly increased, and a number of biochemical processes proceed somewhat more actively. Due to this, with proper application of cosmetic agents, it is possible to achieve the formation of ions (ie positively charged particles).

Vigorous substances of cosmetics,Which are enriched in ions, penetrate into the skin through the ducts of the sebaceous and sweaty iron sufficiently deep (up to 5 mm, whereas non-ionized products penetrate only a fraction of millimeters). From simple cosmetics, cosmetics, enriched with ions, is different in that it acts much more efficiently.

The electrical current during iontophoresis along withComplex of cosmetic agents, saturated with ions begins to stimulate all nerve endings of the skin. The brain receives a signal from impulses, thanks to the fact that the local cosmetic effect is reinforced by an improvement in overall well-being.

Results of ionophoresis

Iontophoresis is able to increase the effectiveness of influence virtually any cosmetic product, therefore, procedures can differ from each other only by a specific cosmetic agent.

Iontophoresis allows:

  • Reduce large wrinkles on the skin of the face, neck, eyelids;
  • Eliminate small wrinkles on the skin of the face, neck, eyelids;
  • To stop the development of cellulite and prevent its further development;
  • Increase the moisture level of dry skin;
  • To remove circles and "bags" under the eyes (possibly due to lymph flow and circulation);
  • To remove from the skin toxins (good help in the treatment of acne);
  • Stimulate additional skin nutrition (especially relevant in winter);
  • Give the skin of the face a healthy color, firmness and tone;
  • Accelerate the healing process of minor scars and scars, leveling the surface of the skin.

Pros of iontophoresis

In order to achieve the best result,Cosmetic means must penetrate the "destination". For this purpose, the procedure of mesotarapy (ie, injection) is often applied, which leads to a violation of the integrity of the skin. Ionophoresis also reaches the "destination" without breaking the integrity of the skin, while reducing the risk of local irritations, bruises, infections and edema. Iontophoresis is a painless procedure, but you can feel lightness or tingling under the electrodes.

Details of the procedure

Before the procedure, the skin is cleared ofexcess fat contamination, otherwise the effectiveness of iontophoresis is greatly reduced. You can apply anaphoresis (galvanic disinfestation) - is one of the types of iontophoresis. Due to anaphoresis, the epidermis becomes loose, the pores are opened, the skin cleansed and prepared for the adoption of nutrient components. Then, a cosmetic product, pre-ionized or special cosmetic agent, which is well amenable to ionization, is applied to the skin. If a conventional cosmetic agent is used, it should be water-based - it can be a gel or tonic.

Sometimes the cosmetic is cooled down tolow temperature - the procedure "cryoionophoresis". The cooled cosmetic agent, in contact with the skin, leads to a narrowing of the capillaries, as a result of which the active substances of the agent are localized at the site of iontophoresis, thus preventing the agent from entering the bloodstream. This helps to avoid the negative effects of the procedure. After this, proceed to the very procedure of iontophoresis. Electrodes are placed on the face, then connecting a special ionophoretic apparatus, an electric current is passed through the ionized device.

The iontophoresis procedure is usually performedcompetent professionals in beauty parlors. But you can carry out the procedure at home, for this it is necessary to have an ionophoretic apparatus. If the procedure is carried out at home, then all instructions should be followed, and it is best to undergo a course of care, which is specifically dedicated to cosmetic iontophoresis.

Possible risk

If you strictly adhere to all the recommendations, thenthe effect of otinophoresis will be maximum, while safe. To avoid possible risks, it is recommended to use quality cosmetics that can be ionized. Cosmetic with fatty components is difficult to ionize, so it makes no sense to apply electrical stimulation. In our case, the rule "more is better" does not fit, so do not impose a lot of cosmetic. Over-saturation with ionized components leads to disturbances in skin function, causing irritation.

The iontophoresis procedure should last 10-30minutes (enough 10-15 minutes for the ions to penetrate the skin). Positive effect can last up to 20 days. To obtain a longer cosmetic effect, several sessions are required.


Ionophoresis is contraindicated in pathologies of pregnancy, high temperature, trauma, cancer, diseases of vessels, skin irritations.

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