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Turkish massage: types, benefits and technology

Great contribution to the development of Turkish massageThe brilliant doctor Abu Ali Ibn Sina, who is known to us under a different name - Avicenna. He lived from 980 to 1037. He used the massage as a cure for many diseases. In addition, he developed the classification of massage techniques. Avicenna was able to divide the massage into the following types: long, moderate, strong, weak, preparatory, calming or restorative. He was exactly sure that a strong massage strengthens the body well; Weak - relaxes it and makes it softer; Prolonged - helps to cope with excess weight, moderate - promotes the development of the body; Preparatory - helps to prepare the body before starting physical exercises, and restorative massage is just applied after classes.

The development of medicine in Arabia contributedFurther development of Turkish massage. He slowly began to conquer neighboring countries, such as Armenia, Turkey and Persia, and so on. In these countries, massage usually carried out public baths.

You can safely say that the Turkish massageAbsorbed a huge number of different elements and techniques, borrowed from the peoples that were conquered by the Arabs. Among them were Indian specialists. Turkish massage is considered a migrant of massage culture from West to East and from East to West.

Types of massage

Classical massage

This kind of massage originates in Turkey. He performed the spa centers, hotels and national Turkish baths - hammams. The duration of one session is fifty minutes. During massage, massage oil is used. Do it to relax the skin and improve its structure. Women often use this massage to improve their shape. Usually, the massage is accompanied by calm Turkish music.

Turkish soap massage with peeling

This massage is widely used and is particularly popular. It is also held in the spa and hotels of Turkey. The session lasts sixty minutes and is accompanied by melodic music.

To do such a massage, you needSpecialheated table. First, the person is washed. After this, the masseur starts to make circular motions, applying a peeling foam to the peeling, using a hard woolcloth or kise - a special glove.

This type of massage is used to renew the skinAnd to improve its structure. The human skin is cleansed from the remaining particles of dead skin. Massage helps to relax, improves the general state of a person with rheumatic diseases, osteochondrosis, muscle bulges, arthrosis and any physical exertion.

Relaxing spa massage

Relaxing spa massage is based on a classic Turkish massage. Basically it is used for relaxation, rest and meditation. The massage session lasts not more than one hour.

Massage should be done usingHeated oil. This massage serves as an excellent supplement to the usual traditional bath procedures. It can be held in the spa, hammam, and sauna. An obligatory order, in the process of carrying out there should sound calm music, promoting relaxation. It will not be superfluous to use candles and incense. The room should be darkened.

Sultan's Massage

Massage was named in honor of the title of MuslimSecular ruler. It is based on the Turkish classic massage. It is performed not by one, but by two masseurs. Depending on the taste preferences of the client, it can be either two women or two men. The session lasts for fifty minutes. During the procedure, national Turkish music sounds. Massage helps to relax and improve the structure of the skin. Women, again, helps to bring in order the figure.

Classic Turkish Foot Massage

Foot massage or pedial massage is based on the technique of the national massage school. It is used in baths, spas, and fitness rooms. The average session lasts twenty or thirty minutes.

Foot massage is performed on the floor. Also suitable for tatami or hard enough. Techniques of massage allow to act on different parts of the spine.

It should be noted that to fulfill allTechnician, you need support. As a support, a bamboo stick or bars will do. The weightlifter should not be too big. The main thing is that the client should feel comfortable. Before the session, the client needs to warm up in the hammam. Impacts on his body should be carried out strictly through a sheet or other material. After the session is over, the client needs to rest, and maybe even to sleep.

Cleopatra Massage

Algae are used. Carry also in the hammam.

Algae contains a huge number of different vitamins, phytohormones, minerals, amino acids, salts and other nutrients. In the bath the person starts to sweat and his pores begin to open.

After that, the masseur rubs algae into the skin. Due to this, the skin strengthens, moistens, its appearance improves. This massage helps to strengthen the water-fat protective film of the skin and soothe it. Suitable for all skin types.

In addition to algae, the process also usesDifferentfruit juices, vegetable and aromatic oils. Massage cures local swelling, fights cellulite, removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body. Removes excess fat on the abdomen.

Aloe Vera Massage

Massage is performed in a massage parlor or Turkishbath. For this, a mixture of honey and essences of aloe vera is used. Suitable for all skin types. Minerals and vitamins rejuvenate. Aloe vera moisturizes the skin and removes small wrinkles. Recommended for sun protection.

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