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20 recommendations for weight loss

Here are 20 recommendations that can help you begin to lose pounds without turning off the intended path:

1. Do not delay your weight loss. Enough to frame yourself: tomorrow, Monday, after the holidays. If you want to lose weight, then start right now. The first step - reading this article - is done. There is only a restriction in nutrition and exercise.

2. It is not worthless to hate and blame for excess weight. Each girl had her own reasons: difficult births, misfortune or misfortune in life. What has passed - you will not return, but in your power to overcome it. The best time is now.

3. Silavoli you hardly need. It is only necessary for those who lose weight wrongly, severely limiting themselves in nutrition. And you need only corrective rules, observance of which will save you from extra pounds.

4. Some days, women have a hormonal background, and therefore, they want to be much more. On such days it is worthwhile to increase the daily portion of the dinner, and to stock up the delicious and healthy food with the quack.

5. Do not think up the reason. Otherwise, as soon as you achieve the goal, the question of losing weight will fall off by itself. For example, a girl decides to lose weight, in order to help the guy. But after a week, the guy himself offers her to meet. Naturally, after that, you do not feel like losing weight, and besides, it does not seem like it's necessary. So lose weight in the first place for yourself.

6. If you are not able to withstand the constraints, it is better not to try. Fanaticism in any case is a hindrance to the goal. In addition, the stressful state provokes an increase in appetite.

7. Naturally, the results will be noticeable not immediately. You can gain weight for years, so that the process of losing weight will be gradual.

8. A rigid frame, for example, "20 kg per month" is too dangerous. Do not put seesyshkom too clear goals, the body itself will tell you how much and for what time it is able to reset. In addition, when doing sports, you need to monitor the centimeters, and not per kilogram.

9. Believe in your strength. If you constantly doubt your success, then it will be difficult for you. All women who really wanted to lose weight, it turned out, it means that it will work out for you.

10. Many are frightened by the fact that after losing weight the skin hangs, and stretch marks also appear. Stop worrying. Regular sports, massage, as well as special bathrooms will help cope with skin problems after losing weight. And without extra pounds, sports will stop appearing to you.

eleven. Provocation of the relatives, friends and acquaintances will always be. Do not pay attention to them, and even better not tell about your new diet, especially if you are not sure that you will be supported. In any case, losing weight is easier with companions. If you have a girlfriend with similar problems, then try searching them on popular forums or on social networks.

12. You must have one very, very cherished dream concerning your figure. For example, lose weight to 44 sizes. However, if you now weigh more than 100 kg, set yourself short-term goals, minus 10 kg for two months, then another minus 10. Otherwise, losing weight to 80 kg, you still will not be happier, because the goal is not achieved. We need to really look at the world.

13. Unrepentant over trifles. Depression leads to overeating, and you do not need it. If jokes of your friends about excess weight offend you, stop communicating with them.

14. Love yourself in any weight, after all, even when you were overeaten with your goodies, you were happy. So there is no reason to hate yourself, especially if you decided to lose weight.

15. He who really wants to lose weight, will certainly find an opportunity. If you have not decided yet, whether or not to start losing weight, then think about the unsubstantiated benefits for your health, as well as your external attractiveness. The ability to lose weight is at all.

16. Think about the beach season. When you are overweight, almost all kinds of slender people are not available to you. Beach volleyball, playing on the water - it's so fun and interesting, why deprive yourself of additional joy?

17. It's hard to lose weight if you want to eat constantly. Maybe the whole point is that you confuse the hunger and thirst? Increase your daily intake of water. As soon as you want to eat, then first drink a glass of water, perhaps the appetite will be gone. By the same use of water every day gives the body liveliness, and skin hydration.

18. Go to the therapist and pick up with him vitamins. Drowsiness, loss of strength, lethargy and dry skin are most often a lack of vitamins, and not a restriction of food. Prefer vitamin complexes containing different vitamin groups.

19. There is an old and proven recipe - as soon as you want, eat, then brush your teeth. The sensation of mint paste repels any appetite, for many it is a real-life affliction.

20. Each girl has her own ideal of a woman. For some, it's a model of Victoria Secret, for another - it's Bond's girl, third vvostorge from a colleague at work. Photos of your ideal, especially if you shoot to him, you need to keep close to him for better motivation. Ask a nice person to take your photos before you start losing weight, this will help you to properly identify the problem areas. In addition, the camera is not a mirror, it shows everything without embellishment. Most often your own photos in underwear are a real motivation, and also an opportunity to return to reality.

Losing weight is a simple process for those who are hungryradically change your life. Your eating habits will sooner or later change to the right ones, you will stop eating for the night, drink beer with high-calorie snacks and overeat salads on holidays. Believe me, the most important thing is to make a little effort, to find your own motivation, after which your life will radically change.

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