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Rye bran for weight loss: properties, recipes, unloading day

There are a lot of types of bran: Rye, oat, barley, rice, wheat, but the most popular rye all the same - they can often be found in the departments of healthy food, they are eaten together with bread, pastries, yogurt, porridge, etc.

Experts confirm that rye branHave exactly the same biological effect on the human body as wheat, but rye taste different, they are more dense, and for their processing the organism spends a little more effort. Bran is a useful fiber that the gastrointestinal tract can not completely digest, but a third is still digested , And the rest of the useful substance works and cleanses the intestines, the general well-being of a person is improved, even some types of allergy pass.

Rye for slimming

It is quite surprising that bran can helpLose weight, doctors advise to use them for diabetes and obesity. Since all types of bran contain a lot of fiber, carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly, and the glucose level goes down, so people with diabetes can take fewer medicines. The bran in the stomach swells, and you will not be able to overeat, therefore, the weight decreases, and this is not important for obesity.

It is important to take bran: Start with a teaspoon a day, and bring the dose within a week to three tablespoons, taking bran in between meals. Dry bran do not need to eat, they need to be soaked. If you use it correctly, then you need to pour boiling water over boiling water and insist with half an hour, then eat together with sour milk, or kefir. But today and in pharmacies you can buy bran, which you can immediately pour kefir and insisting five minutes, eat. To lose weight, you need to eat about thirty grams of bran per day, this amount is divided into several methods.

Otrubrizhanye - a great additive to the finishedDishes and products. Bran can be added to the dough, minced meat, cereals, soup, salads and more in vegetable dishes, also in jelly, cocktails and compotes. Some even cook cutlets, dumping them not in breadcrumbs, but in bran. It is very tasty and useful.


It is possible to talk a long time about all the benefits of bran, but it is best to give examples of several recipes. There are many options, so you can choose a recipe that will be ideal for you.

For the most patient and strong people, weWe recommend to prepare a salad of beetroot mixed with bran, and excess weight will begin to recede. You can add bran to yogurt or yogurt, the best is bran combined with low-fat milk.

Also effective and delicious dish - jelly withBran, which is prepared from natural herbs, such as barley, wheat or oats. Grains need to be grinded in a flask, add two spoons of bran, orange peel and pour the resulting mixture with 700 milligrams of water. Cook this jelly need five minutes on a little magnet, then wrap it with a towel and insist a couple of hours. You can drink it, like any other kissel throughout the day.

As already mentioned, bran can be added toSalads. Remarkably combine the bran with sea kale and crab meat. Meat should be cut, add fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, a bunch of sea kale and a couple of spoons of bran. All this is mixed and lasts about twenty minutes. It is better not to salad salad, but simply to pour a lemon juice - this is both more useful and effective for those who lose weight.

You can cook vegetables with bran. Vegetables will assimilate quickly, and the dish will be rich. You can use any vegetables, for example, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, a few cloves of garlic, onions. We peel the tomatoes from the peel and cut into cubes, cut the other vegetables the way we like, and lay all the vskovorodu, pouring olive oil. We roast for a few minutes on a high heat and stir it. When the vegetables have a ruddy color, they need to be salted, add a couple of tablespoons of bran and spices, mix and cover with a lid and simmer on a small fire for about five minutes. Finished dish sprinkled with herbs had a clipped garlic.

We arrange a fasting day

Oochen efficient discharge days on bran, butNot more than once a week. We mix four tablespoons of bran in a liter of curdled milk. We put the mixture in the refrigerator and we take it for an hour, we eat throughout the day, about three or four times. You can eat vegetable and fruit dishes with the addition of bran, and for dinner drink a glass of yogurt with a tablespoon of bran.

A very tasty and useful recipe is to mix bran withPrunes and raisins. It is necessary to dissolve a hundred grams of bran and pass them through a meat grinder with 100 grams of meat and 200 grams of prunes. The dish can be divided into three or four servings and consumed throughout the day. On a day off you need to drink at least one and a half litrovodvody.

Fight excess weight you can use bran toA couple of teaspoons three times a day before taking food. Do not have to follow a strict diet, it is enough to reduce the number of fats and sweets in the daily diet. This is not a quick, but harmless weight loss!

Otrubizhanye, like other types of bran, haveQuite a few contraindications. They can not be used for ulcers, gastritis, colitis. Do not need them to replace the main products, it is enough to take 30 grams of bran per day. If you use a greater amount of bran, you can disrupt the work of the intestine and acquire such a problem as flatulence.

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