/ What foods are good for the heart?

What foods are good for the heart?

Products that are useful

In the first place we have meat and meat products, withoutWe can no longer boil soup, the second, moreover, we mix it with eggs, cheese and products that are not compatible with meat. The heart does not need, as such, meat, but the fish, often very often, this is another matter. The best of the fish is sea salmon, salmon, mackerel or herring, tuna or sardines. Trout is a river and lake fish, but it is also useful. In general, any fish improves blood composition, does not give blood clots and thus prevents heart disease.

Cereals are a product that is also useful forheart. They prevent such diseases as atherosclerosis and ischemia. Cereals should choose whole - barley, oatmeal, brown rice, millet. Buckwheat is not considered a cereal crop, but it is still a relative, and only it contains a large amount of routine - it is a substance that improves blood circulation, restores strength and elasticity to vessels and capillaries, and also prevents blockage.

Barley contains many useful dietary fiber,Expelling harmful cholesterol from the body. And corn provides us with antioxidants and amino acids, especially when we consume it with beans and beans.

Red beans and lentils are the most useful, theyContain potassium, necessary for the heart, vegetable proteins and fiber, so there is no special need for meat, because legumes well replace it, and yet do not contain harmful fats. Beans and beans are rich in flavonoids, iron and folic acid. If they are not enough, the walls of the vessels are destroyed, and hence the bean defenders of our heart, and the enemies of atherosclerosis and infarction are also sequential.

Anyone has a benefit, both for the heart and for thefor all health, but some of them can be considered just a gift of our nature. Broccoli, for example, is the most useful among cabbage varieties, it contains antioxidants and minerals - this is the best product to ensure the prevention of atherosclerosis. This cabbage has a bright green color, it is able to neutralize the carcinogens that enter the body.

Pumpkin is the fruit in which there is a lot of potassium,Vitamin C, beta-carotene and other minerals and vitamins. If you often eat a pumpkin, the vessels will always be clean, the blood pressure is normal, you will move freely and easily, because excess fluid will not accumulate in the body.

Garlic, first of all, is an effective tool infighting against microbes and viruses, an excellent cure for hypertension. If the pressure rises, you need to eat it daily. Substances present in the composition of garlic, not only clean the vessels, they lower the tone when it rises, and therefore the pressure decreases. A healthy person is not threatened with a decrease in pressure, but his health will persist for many years. He still has anti-carcinogenic properties.

Here many mushrooms are treated with a cool,consider them simply a delicacy or an appetizer for alcoholic beverages, and they are needed for our and your heart. Fungi, as it turned out, are rich in antioxidant ergotianin, preventing cardiovascular and oncological diseases, improving the blood composition and possessing the effect of immunostimulation. Useful substances in mushrooms are present in large quantities - it's magnesium, and phosphorus, and potassium, and iron, and zinc, iselen, and vitamins D, and the whole group B. There are also vegetable protein ics. In general, the fungus should be treated more seriously, especially if cooking dishes from them by means of extinguishing, cooking, baking and even frying, they will not lose their useful qualities. As they say - and tasty, and useful.

A very useful product for the heart is nuts. They have a lot of protein, which you can even completely replace the meat. Most of the nuts, for example, walnuts, pecans, Brazilian, contain a large amount of fat, but this is another fat, not the same as a heavy meat for the body. Nut fat is an unsaturated fatty acid - linoleic, linolenic, oleic, palmitic, stearic, etc. Their use is known to all those who protect their health.

These substances are also contained in flax oil, in whichthere is also omega-3 fatty acid. If you fill up with such oil porridges and salads, but do not subject it to processing with heat, cholesterol in the blood will be normal, and the vessels will be cleaned and will be healthy. But they should not be abused - just 2 tablespoons per day.

Overseas fruits. Abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals - this wealth belongs to the avocado. Using it as food, you will ensure the correct heart efficiency, forget about such a disease as atherosclerosis and the problem with the heart, your pressure will be normal, it will be excellent in composition. Avocados are eaten raw, so this fruit will give an unusual taste to different salads. And if you add to them and oranges, and lemons, the toast will be simply stunning.

Avot other fruit useful for the heart isgarnets, apples, grapefruits. You must pay tribute to the raspberry, red and black currant, cherry, cherry gem. These berries and fruits are not just very tasty, they are able to strengthen blood vessels, improve blood. They maintain the pressure in the norm, prophylactically act on all heart diseases, protect against such a terrible disease as cancer. Healing properties in them are contained in such a huge amount that it is simply impossible to list them all.

Other products. Think about chocolate, but it's not about milk and sweet. There is a view of natural, bitter and black chocolate, improving the function of the heart, driving out bad cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Today you can already meet a chocolate containing up to 99% of cocoa beans. Or buy one in which at least nemene 70%. To buy chocolate, in which less real cocoa, is not worth it - you will gain only extra pounds.

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