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Help Feng Shui at conception of the child

The basis of this teaching is the idea thatHuman life is represented as a combination of a whole basic elements. These elements number nine, and when combined they appear as a flower with eight petals, the center of which is health. This flower is called Bagua, and its eight petals embody knowledge, career, wealth, help, love, family and children.

The purpose of feng shui is to search for human-friendly energy flows.

When should I go to the help of Feng Shui?

It's no secret that health is the mainElement in human life, without it all other components lose their significance. Perhaps, it is precisely this state of things that became the reason for the emergence of this ancient teaching, because Feng Shui helps to strengthen health and bring the functioning of the organism in an ideal state. An example of the magic flower is one of its petals responsible for helping in the conception of children.

A married couple who decided to seek help inconception of the child to feng shui, it must be remembered that even the ancient Chinese teaching will not help to solve the problems associated with medical disorders in the human body. Therefore, in the first place, the spouses need to undergo a thorough medical examination. If from the medical point of view, both spouses are healthy, but the pregnancy is still late, then the feng shui will always come to the rescue. The first step is to determine the western part of the matrimonial bedroom, since it is the western sector, according to the teachings, who is responsible for the offspring. Do not get upset if suddenly there is no possibility to make changes to the bedroom, with the help of a compass you can easily calculate the location of the western sector in another part of the house. And then using imagination to try to activate the positive for fertilization with all the forces.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that mostPeople, the idea of ​​finding and driving the energy that promotes conception, seems implausible. Many will find this a waste of time, but the main thing is to try to start, take the first steps. The teachings of Feng Shui help to achieve positive results even for the most skeptical couples who hold the opinion that these are just fairy tales.

The main and initial action isThe definition with the help of the compass of the west side of the room. In the case when it is difficult to deal with this task independently, it is possible to resort to the help of specialists from the feng shui salons. The invited consultant not only can help in dividing the space into zones, but also point out the unfavorable combinations in the room environment.

What do you need to change in the bedroom?

First, you need to change the designroom, decorate the landscape. On the walls it is recommended to hang photos of beautiful healthy children or colorful mottled still-life depicting ripe fruit. An ideal example of such a picture is the image of a ripe bursting pomegranate.

Secondly, metal bells hanging around the room will help greatly. Their sound will help to cope with negative unfavorable energy for conception.

Thirdly, all items that symbolize fire are best moved to the southern zone of the bedroom. Fireplaces, heaters and even candles should not be located in the western zone.

It is also worth changing the location of the bed, buying a new mattress and then, no doubt, life will begin to change for the better and it will be impossible not to notice the result.

Thus, despite the relationship to the ancientChinese teaching, it's worth a try. Correctly distributing energy in the house, you can achieve amazing results, and following simple rules, the desire to have a child will surely come to life.

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