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Genetic Compatibility of Spouses

What is genetic incompatibility?

Modern gynecology explains the originCyclical miscarriages as a genetic incompatibility of sexual partners. In this case, experts recommend a thorough examination of the couple to identify any serious dysfunction. However, due to many individual circumstances and local causes, not every couple agrees to such a survey. Go on this step desperate people, whose attempts to conceive a child have not been successful because of chronic miscarriages.

In fact, every human cell hasProtein shell, in other words, the human leukocyte antigen, which performs certain functions. The main objective of the antigen is to identify foreign bodies entering the body directly or indirectly, as well as feeding impulses to the immune system that prevents the early "infection" of various kinds of harmful bodies. As a result of this prevention, immunity begins to actively develop protective bodies.

For successful conception of the child to partnersIt is necessary to have a different set of chromosomes, which, because of its atypicality, increases the likelihood of rapid fertilization and endurance of the embryo (antibodies protect the "sprout of love" from the potential threat of miscarriage). Otherwise, when the chromosome set of partners is too similar, the leukocyte antigen perceives pregnancy as a foreign object and triggers a process of rejection from the placenta of an unsettled embryo. Hence the genetic incompatibility of a man and a woman.

Is it possible to give birth with genetic incompatibility?

This question is asked, perhaps, by all couples,Who intend to find their own baby. But before talking about the problem, it is necessary to be examined. In order to obtain data from the survey on the basis of genetic compatibility, you should stock up with a lot of patience within two weeks. The procedure for the survey includes step-by-step measures for both partners: removal and comparison of DNA genes, as well as a blood test from the vein. The results of the analysis should not exceed the indicators in one coincidence, since two identical pairs of chromosomes already speak of the incompatibility of male and female genes.

Gynecologists say that the opportunity to fullyTo take out a baby is great if to observe a number of measures prescribed by the attending doctor, because the partners, in most cases, suffer partial incompatibility, which specialists are able to control at all stages of pregnancy planning and bearing of the child.

Medication, extracorporealFertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination by ICSI is a series of effective actions that already today give future parents the opportunity to become even large fathers and mothers. A professional consultation of geneticists allows you to choose an individual methodology for each patient individually and for married couples in general.

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