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Intimate hygiene of a woman

Pads in intimate hygiene of a woman

The use of the gasket decreases in proportion to itsUse. In addition, the gasket that you wear for a long time, can damage the delicate skin and health. When critical days occur, the gasket should be changed approximately every 5 hours. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to the creation of an enabling environment for the multiplication of all kinds of microbes that provoke inflammatory processes.

Both thin and thick gasketsAre manufactured using various synthetic materials. Determine the degree of absorbency you can with the help of the illustrated droplets. Six drops characterize the night thick and wide pads, and one drop - everyday. Pads are sold in such a way that each of them is in its own packaging. Thus, their sterility is maintained.

Soap or liquid for intimate hygiene

Soap of the usual type is considered not quite suitableTo comply with the rules of intimate hygiene of women. It has the property of creating an alkaline environment, at a time when the acid predominates in the vagina. Despite this, many women continue to use a similar soap that violates the normal level of acidity. This entails a violation of the defense system and the propagation of harmful bacteria. There is a large amount of funds for women's intimate hygiene, which gently affect the delicate skin and relieve irritation.

It should be regularly washed with warm water,Choosing the directions from front to back. Such a method of ablution prevents the skin from getting various infections from the anus. After this procedure, it is better not to wipe, but gently remove moisture from the skin.

During critical days, swim in the openReservoirs or swimming pool is not recommended. This is due to the fact that on such days the body of a woman is very vulnerable. Also, it is better to refrain from intimate relationships for this period.

In the case when the adoption of an intimate soul is notIt is possible, it is better to use napkins specifically designed for intimate hygiene. A vivid example of this is the visit to the women's toilet.

Tampons or pads

When choosing a tampon or a gasket, you mustGuided purely by your personal preferences. For especially active women tampons will do. In addition, they may be of interest to women in whom the menstrual period is accompanied by secretions of a particularly unpleasant odor. The tampon has the ability to absorb everything while in the vagina. Thus, the secretions that emit an unpleasant odor do not fall outside.

Tampon can be used on any dayMenstrual period, but those who have inflammation or erosion are contraindicated. New kinds of tampons practically exclude the appearance of toxic shock. In order not to violate the microflora of the vagina, tampons should be changed within two hours.

Cotton or lace underwear

What kind of clothes you choose,How sensitive is your skin. Panties should preferably be purchased with a cotton insert between the legs. In the absence of it, you can use special thin gaskets. To change them it is necessary not less often than once in 4 hours. In the market there is a huge variety of so-called unnoticed, different colors and styles. It all depends on the clothes that you wear.

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