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The right food for great sex

The camel, used immediately beforeSex should be easy, useful and naturally natural. It is worth to give up the semi-finished and harmless preservatives. Preference is given to fragrant and bright products. Particular attention should be paid to the freshness of all ingredients. The most useful are the cooked boil.

Products that cause sexual excitement

Main products that recommendUse before sex, are seafood, condiments, greens and eggs. They also include nuts, fruits, berries, garlic, olive oil and fresh juices. In addition to the bulk of products, smells are important. The American doctor found that the sexual desire is strongly influenced by the aromas of chocolate, cinnamon, mint and vanilla.

Eggs are a protein food, which is alreadyFor a long time it is used as a strong sexual stimulant. The most common are chicken eggs, but the quail looks erotic and is considered more effective. Recommend them to fry with garlic, which is also worth adding to food before sex. He has a pretty unpleasant smell, but is capable of fomenting a passion. Many men at all do not imagine a meal without meat. Do not give it up, but it's better to choose a chicken, which is easier. But it will be better if all meat is replaced by fish. It takes a lot of time and energy to digest meat. After using it, lethargy and fatigue appear. Therefore, full sex and meat are not very compatible. When choosing a fish, it is worth giving preference to flounder, which can arouse love. But any other fish can improve sexual ability, in connection with the content of phosphorus.

Vitamins of group B have a positive effect on nerve conduction, which is directly related to sexual excitability. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the composition of cereals and legumes.

A great value for excitement is played by spices. They are considered very strong aphrodisiacs. In the East, spicy and fragrant dishes are among the strongest pathogens themselves. Most spices contain essential oils, so they have such a strong effect. Recommend to use ginger, saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise, basil and mustard. For the health of the gonads and their normal functioning, it is obligatory to use nuts. For example, pistachios are able to increase the amount of sperm and to enhance attraction. Also, it is worth paying attention to pine nuts and almonds. Nuts contain vitamin E, without which the production of sex hormones is completely impossible.

Very useful are oysters. In connection with the high content of phosphorus and zinc, oysters are useful in sexual terms, both men and women. Sea kale also has the same properties. Men who regularly consume seafood are considered to be the most powerful lovers.

Some people believe that caviar is the main love food. It is very easy to digest and contains a lot of protein. Caviar has an effect on the genitals.

For the lovers of exotics, you can pay attention to the root of ginseng, rhinoceros horn or a very shark. They also refer to aphrodisiacs and are capable of fomenting passion.

Using these products, you can cookDifferent dishes. Each pair chooses the most suitable products for them by the trial method. It is very important not to overeat, it can negatively affect the sex and have the opposite effect. All dishes are recommended to be prepared and seasoned with olive oil. It fills the genitals with force. Olive oil is extremely rich in essential fatty acids. The use of sugar and solves to limit.

Sex and Fruit

Particular attention should be paid to fruits. They contain many vitamins, carbohydrates and are easily digested. Therefore, they raise the mood. It is believed that eating fruit can improve the quality of the sperm and body odor. According to scientists in bananas, there are enzymes that are able to strengthen male passion. They also significantly raise the mood, which also has a positive effect on desire. Bananas are quite high in calories, so they are able to charge the body with energy for an extra time. A strong stimulating fruit is avocado. It is rich in proteins, potassium, vitamins and fatty acids. Avocados can replace meat and is often used in salads. Exciting fruits include mango, which is easily digested. It is very sweet and juicy.

It is worth using grapes with caution, it can cause fermentation in the stomach.

Alcohol and sex

Also it is necessary to limit the useAlcoholic beverages. Wine is often used before sex. But it is worth remembering that everyone should be in small doses. Men should prefer suhimvinam, and women - sweet alcoholic beverages. A small amount of alcohol can increase sexual activity and strengthen male potency. One glass of wine or champagne can make partners more relaxed and relaxed. But exceeding the dose can completely cancel sex. Also, excess alcohol affects orgasm. It will be much more difficult to obtain, in connection with a decrease in sensitivity.

To get a stronger pleasure, you must stop smoking. Nicotine neutralizes the action of any aphrodisiac. Also it is necessary to limit the use of drinks containing caffeine.

Sexual desire and chocolate

Chocolate is considered to be one of the strongestCausative agents, in connection with the presence in it of the amino acid phenylalanine. They contribute to the production of the pleasure hormone - endorphins. For a better effect, chocolate should be consumed immediately before intercourse. It is possible to do it on time foreplay. It is better to give preference to bitter chocolate, in which the content of cocoa will be 70%. It is more beneficial to the body and less caloric. Dark chocolate promotes the development of dopamine, which affects the sexual desire in women. Chocolate can be served in the melted form with scraps of fruit.

Healthy nutrition, as well as the right way of life, affects the condition of the body and naturally on sexual function.
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